Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Unofficial 6 Months Post

Her official 6 months pictures are on the other computer... so this is what you get for now!

Evelyn had to survive a lot of changes this past month... mostly with the big move! We've also been busy with some going-here and rushing-there, so she's getting used to being out and about more often. These top pictures are all back in Montana. We spent quite a bit of time out on our deck and going for walks... all the while, being thankful that we would be on the farm during the winter. She would have gone stir-crazy in the apartment! She loves the outdoors :) 

Oh, and she loves paper. Loves, loves, loves it. Even glossy paper... like on magazines... really, whatever she can get her little grabby hands on.

 She took to the crib just fine. She is still eating twice a night, but at least she's in the crib! Just recently, we decided to also move ourselves out of the room... we'll see if that helps her twice-a-night-hungerings decrease.

She has already fallen asleep on the 4 wheeler and has worn cousins' hand-me-downs! Yay for family.

 Like I said. She loves outdoors. And cats. She laughs at Mute. And Mute loves using Evelyn's foot as a head scratcher. Whatever works :) However, Evelyn is not always content in just sitting and relaxing outside. Nope. She needs to explore. She scoots right to the edge of the blanket and plays in the grass (aka... eats the grass, leaves, etc).

She has met some of my friends, cheered for the Packers (this attire was acceptable to Dan and his family since the Vikings weren't playing...) and survived her 6 months shots. She wasn't happy afterwards. She was feverish and wanted to sleep all day. Could she sleep by herself? Nope. She needed to be on Momma. All day. My arms got tired. Poor thing.

Like I said, her official monthly pictures will be posted later. Until then, have a wonderful day :)

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  1. So cute and reminds me of my kids at that age. Mikaela and Mathew both have a lot of camo clothing.