Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's My Day to Twist, Twist, Twist!

I've been getting some good vibrations from this blog hop so far, haven't you? Really, I'm having such a ball with all these throwback projects. I haven't done too much with batiks in the past, but now I'm a believer in the fun of batiks (especially after buying some microtex needles, ha!)! I'm so excited that I finally get to twist and shout with my 1960's inspired batik projects :)

I had no idea what I wanted to make when I signed up for this fab hop. I scoured Pinterest and Google searching for inspiration. Then, I thought, "You know, I think need a purse." So, that's what I planned on. Well, then I made this, and I didn't need a purse anymore - but I made another one anyways!

Here it is... the "Twisted Flower Purse."

After completing it, I realized that it could be a fun Christmas gift to my niece (she's in Kindergarten!). I just hope that her friends don't think she has the cooties with a homemade purse. Instead, I hope she feels decked out while wearing it. Once I determined it would be going to a young girl, I needed to shorten the straps.... thus, the need to create the bows :)

I think they are perfect for a little girl's purse! They even have her name stitched on them. I'll be sure to fill it will lots of fun pink and sparkly things for my favorite (and only) niece!

I used this free pattern for the purse, although I printed it at 75% instead of 100% to make it a bit smaller. I added the fold-over magnetic-button closure instead of using the button closure in the pattern.

Here's a close up of the "twisted flower" - finding this tutorial was one of the first inspirations I had once I decided on a purse... I mean, we are supposed to be "twisting" to the 60s, right?!


"Fab Flowered Mug Rug"

Well, after completing the purse, I decided that I wanted to make a few more projects with my batik scraps, so I had to brainstorm. Finally, I thought I'd help my mother do some California dreamin in her classroom on such a winters day (you see, my brother's family lives in California, so I'm hoping this flower-powered mug rug can put a smile on my mom's face as she thinks of her two sweet grandsons on the beach in California...) I used fusible fleece and did a quick, sketchy reverse-applique flower. I also added some rough strips using a decorative stitch on my machine along with my mom's name to liven it up. Having the fun stitches on my machine helps me out when I don't have time to actually embroider!


Flower Power Kerchief

My last project was inspired from all the pictures from the 1960s boards on Pinterest. I love the bandana/kerchief look, and now that I have short hair again, I needed something that can keep my hair out of my face while cooking, cleaning and giving "my girl" a bath... This was an experiment, since I couldn't find the right kind of tutorial; next time, I'll make it smaller, but it works for now :)

Now, after you send me a postcard... err, comment... (only if you want to, of course), make sure you head on out and pick your leader of the pack from amongst these other swell ladies! Just remember to stop in the name of love and cheer those ladies on with some lovely comments, too!

Banks of Frog Creek (You are here!)

Also, make sure you let Mdm Samm know that you are having a blast hopping along this blog hop - I know I appreciate all she does to organize and cheer us on! And specifically with this 60s hop, we need to go to Mary's blog and give her some skin of appreciation for being our cheerleader!

 After that, why don't you go dance to the music? I know you have at least one song from the 60s playing in your mind after reading this :) I think I'll go sit on the dock (bridge) of the... creek with my little ankle biter and sing her some good ol' oldies as we enjoy such a wonderful world.

PS: I don't have pictures from the actual 1960s, so this is the closest thing I can show you! These are from Homecoming Week dress-up days my freshman and sophomore years of high school (early 2000s). I made my bell-bottoms from an old pair of jeans, red corduroy and green fringe. The dress that I'm wearing in the top right picture was actually made by my mom in college (Home-Ec major). You can't see it in the picture, but the fabric actually has woman's heads on it surrounded by flowers - it made my friends laugh!

Thanks for stopping by.... now, peace out.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

September Goal. Finished.

It's hard to grasp how much has happened this month! Just the fact that I posted about my September goal back there on "Grizz 'n' Dove" (goal post here) and now I get to post about reaching my goal here, "On the Banks of Frog Creek." Such excitement. 

My goal for September was to piece this Christmas Tree skirt (pattern found here at A Bright Corner) that will eventually be a wedding gift for a really good friend. I hope to quilt and bind it soon, although I have a lot on my to-do-list first (like getting my sewing machine from my parents' place this weekend...). 

I did go one more step past my goal and prepared the binding. One less thing to do later, and one thing that was easy to do during the time in Monana when most of our stuff had already been moved. 

 Some close-ups of the fabric. I did use one directional print, but I used it on the edge - so it's going the right direction on the outside, and there's just a little part by the hole where it's upside down. Mom won't approve, but my friend probably won't even notice. She'll be too thrilled with the cute bears, deer and moose that was the "must-have" fabric for this friend. She loves cute animals!

 Linking up with A Lovely Year of Finishes, WIP Wednesday and Fabric Tuesday. Links are on the sidebar!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

First Day on The Job

Dan started his "first" day on the job yesterday, and it was full of driving trucks and tractors and of course, fixing things! 

In the house, we're still trying to get things put away and organized. Evelyn would prefer to spend her entire day outside, but she has to settle for several walks instead (isn't her new hat just adorable?! Thanks Grandma Kari!). 

I do hope to be craftily creative sometime soon, but until then, at least you have the 1960s Batiks Blog Hop to look forward to! The hopping starts Wednesday (here's the line-up), but you'll have to wait until September 30th to see my creation.

My finished September goal will be posted one of these days as well. Right now, I've got strawberries on the mind - I joined my first swap, and my package needs to be mailed out next week... I need to get stitchin'!

Monday, September 23, 2013

It Feels So Good!

It feels so good to be home!!

 We arrived early Saturday morning (we drove through the night, since Evelyn finally slept once it got dark out), and we unloaded the last item on Sunday afternoon. We are living with Dan's parents on the home farm, since we'll be in charge of the cattle - they're still deciding if they want to buy or build, but they wanted us home to help with the upcoming harvest.

 Here come the steers!
On Saturday, Dan's dad, Tim, was at a football game, so Dan was in charge of feeding these boys. Jumping right into the farm life!

Just while walking around this past weekend, I'm getting so excited to take pictures! Don't get me wrong, Montana had beautiful scenery, but I love the prairies and I love the farm scenes... especially in the early mornings. Of course, I haven't been up early enough yet to get really good pictures, but I'll get around to it :)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Welcome to Frog Creek

Welcome to our little farm on the prairie, nestled on a gravel road just above the peaceful little "Frog Creek." 

After spending three years in Montana, we moved back to South Dakota into the same house that my husband, Daniel, grew up in (coincidently, I grew up 2 hours north of here... on the same road). He has joined up with his father, uncle and cousin in running the family farm that consists of fields of corn and soybeans plus an operation of about fifty head of black angus cattle.

We feel blessed with the opportunity to raise our daughter, Evelyn, in the country, surrounded by fresh air and family.

Here you will find stories of life on the farm... 
  • of mud pies in the garden and of dogs chasing the chickens... 
  • of prayers for rain and prayers for an easy calving season... 
  • of lunches in the tractor during planting and of hay rides in the fall

Here you will find stories of a crafty life in the farmhouse... 
  • of quilty lessons and scrappy successes... 
  • of refinishing furniture and baking cookies... 
  • of finger paint and sidewalk chalk... 
  • of laundry and room decorating...

We hope you come back and visit us again... coffee, tea, hot chocolate and lemonade are just an arms-reach away :)

{Feel free to visit the blog "Grizz 'n' Dove" to see the projects and adventures that happened during the last two years of our Montana experience! I've also added links to some of our Montana adventures and projects to the pages here on the right-hand side. If you were a follower of the old blog, welcome to the newest chapter in our lives!}