Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Peekaboo Patterns Felicity Testing ~ Proud Purple

This purple version was the first Felicity dress I made during testing for Peekaboo Pattern Shop. 

Fabric: JoAnns - they were red tag fabrics last winter and it was during a 50% off red tag fabric sale

It's a lightweight poly-cotton from the Tutti-Fruitti collection.

My daughter was right at the maximum chest measurement for the size I made, so this dress sadly came out a little too tight. It fit enough for good pictures, but the fact that is was a little tight plus the fact that I ended up making 2 more dresses during the testing process led me to giving this dress to a local friend. Her daughter is only a few weeks younger that Ev, but she's smaller, so this dress fit her perfectly!

Ev had a hard time giving this dress away, and I kind of did, too! It was such a great summer dress! She keeps asking me to make her one just like it again, and I would have enough fabric if I switched the two fabrics, but again... does she really need 3 dresses in the same pattern? I'll just hold on to it for next summer ;)

After this version, there were changes made to the bodice and the collar, plus I added length to the future dresses I made. 

All-in-all... I love this dress :) but I'm happy that I could give it to a friend who can happily use it for a longer period that we could have!


Monday, June 27, 2016

Matching Raglans!

I've wanted to sew a Lane Raglan for a long time, and I finally took the time to choose fabric combinations with the fabric I had on hand. I came up with three different combos, so look forward to possibly 2 more shirts for me :) It feels so good to use up some fabric in my stash!

Patterns: Lane Raglan by Hey June Handmade and Recess Raglan by See Kate Sew
Fabric: Chartreuse Purple Floral on Aqua Green from Girl Charlee and Vivid Fireworks in Grape by Riley Blake Fabrics from Raspberry Creek Fabrics on Etsy

I bought the Girl Charlee fabric last May during one of their sales, while I bought the Riley Blake last winter when I was planning my niece's first birthday present. It wasn't until I started pairing up fabrics that I realized how perfectly these two fabrics matched! I was so excited!!!

I will be making more Lane Raglans soon! This was a straight medium and it's a little big, so I may just take a bigger seam allowance next time - it's drafted for a 1/4" SA, which is not my favorite anyway. I'll have to measure the neckband to fit after the altering though. This was the 2nd Recess Raglan that I've made E, and even though I made it last fall, I must have made it a size bigger at the time, because that size still worked and I didn't have to retrace and cut a different size :)

I had plenty of each fabric for my shirt, but then E kept asking when I was going to make her shirt... well, I barely had enough to squeeze out her matching raglan. It was worth it, though - E is in a matchy-matchy phase and loves to match me. I'm not so much into the matchiness as I am in seeing her smile :)

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Peekaboo Patterns Felicity Dress Release

I recently helped test another pattern! This time it is the Felicity Dress by Peekaboo Patterns and it released today (and is discounted for one day only... go check it out here!)

I sewed 3 different dresses throughout the testing process and I have blog posts coming that looks at each one more closely. Until then, here are the specifics of the pattern:

  • Felicity is a collared dress with several options.
  • It comes with Maxi or Knee length skirt.
  • The back can be shirred or full coverage (I only tested the full coverage option).
  • The placket in the front can either be half or full (you need to do a full length placket if you do a full back in order for ease of dressing).

I love how this dress conjures up memories of sweet childhood summers. It's the perfect summer dress for Fourth of July picnics, blowing bubbles at family weddings, or just picking flowers with the neighbor kids. 

This was my first collar in a long time - a first that isn't a 4-H project with my mom helping me step-by-step. Amy from PAB does a great job with using clear pictures and great instructions. The collar connects the front and back bodices and is finished with bias tape. The skirt is attached to the bodice with an exposed seam on the inside of the dress, but with the 1/2" seam allowance, a french seam would be a simple modification. 

According to the size chart, my daughter chest measurement is a 2T but her waist is a 3T. These two dresses are straight 3T, and they will fit for the rest of the summer and into the fall. 

**Blue Border Batik: Alison Glass Handcrafted Batik for Andover from a random online fabric store that had a sale last fall :)
**White on White Polka Dots: Stash! (Mini Confetti Dots by Dear Stella from a fat quarter bundle that I won in a giveaway from the Inside Quilters Newsletter Blog)
**Lightweight chambray: Denim Swiss Dot Chambray by Robert Kaufman from Raspberry Creek Fabrics
**Red Gingham: Stash!

(I added the red piping to the blue and red dress - these instructions are not included in the pattern but it is an easy addition!!)

Monday, June 13, 2016

Onesie Gifts are Complete!

Eek! I've had this post ready to go, but I just forgot to post it!

These onesie sets took me longer to sew up than they should have just because I kept choosing to accomplish quick sews between the different steps.

But finally, these are done and all but one has been delivered!

Pattern: Peekaboo Lullaby Line Bodysuit and the Peekaboo Spunky Skater Skirt
Fabrics are a mixture of stash knits and old t-shirts that have special meaning to each of the recipients
(Three SDSU Jackrabbits, one city rec softball, one 4-H and one band and choir shirt that was designed by the little girls' mom)

I've been pleasantly surprised with the reception of these onesies. They have all been so appreciative and it's been so fun to see a few of the babies in their special creations! (They fit!!)

I should go pick out two more shirts to upcycle... a classmate and a cousin are both due in September!