Wednesday, May 13, 2015

One Month {JT Update}

Let's see if I can keep on top of these monthly update posts... I did pretty well with E's first year, so hopefully I can do the same for JT.

We chose tractors for his growth comparison pictures. The frame takes the place of the rope used for E, and the chalkboard tray is the same (although I did have to give it another coat of paint!).

One month old! He gained a pound in a week from his 5 day appointment to his 2 week appointment, but I have no guesses as to how much he weighs now. He definitely goes through plenty of diapers, so it is nice not having to worry about if he's gaining weight or not! He is out of his newborn sleepers and into the 0-3 month clothes; he's also out of newborn sized diapers and into size 1 already. 

His little eyes stay open longer now, although he still sleeps quite a bit. When he is awake, he's pretty fussy - nothing we aren't used to though, as E was a pretty fussy newborn as well. We just have to survive the first several months and I'm sure he'll be a happy baby then! He usually takes a decent nap in the afternoon, right around the time  E takes hers as well. Mommy likes the downtime this gives her! Nighttimes are still a bit of a struggle, but that too will pass eventually...

E still does very well with the new addition, although she does get tired of how often we have to change and feed him! We both look forward to when Daddy gets off work so she can burn off some energy! I also look forward to when the mornings are warmer, so we can spend even more time outside!

I also suspect as JT gets older and doesn't need me so much, things will get easier. E has shown more interest in touching, hugging and holding her brother this past week; as JT becomes more interactive, I'm sure her interest will also increase (or perhaps she'll be bored of him by then, ha!)

A little comparison picture. Dan is the pro at the colic hold! JT in the top picture and E in the bottom picture... calm as can be with some pressure on their tummies!

Last but not least, we've been busy in the garden and in the front flower beds, and we're hoping that our little plants are tough - the thermometer hit 32 degrees last night! If they don't survive, at least it's still early in the season so we can replant if needed. (JT lasted maybe 5 minutes in his rock-in-play outside. I'll just stick to wearing him in a carrier while outside for a few more weeks...)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

WIP: An Air Force Pillow {May ALYOF Goal}

I know, I know... I just had a baby a few weeks ago... why in the world am I making a sewing goal for this month??? 

Well, this one shouldn't take me too long, and it will be good to have a goal to try to get me to do something just for me this month!

I received this panel from a good blogger friend's giveaway last year sometime. It's time to finally make it into the pillow that I always planned on... it's for another good friend whose husband is in the Air Force. I don't plan on doing anything too fancy. There are actually two panels, but I'll just use one and then send the other along so she can make something with that one :)

Wish me luck!


WIP (works in progress) List

  • 1 pillow cover using the Air Force Panel (current post)
  • 2 Manhattan tops for E (I cut out the pieces before JT arrived)

UFO (unfinished objects) List...
  • Twin size quilt top needing a border then quilting and binding
  • A quilt top from my grandma needing quilting and binding
  • 1 lap quilt needing quilting then binding 
  • 6 baby quilt tops needing quilting and binding
  • A pile of Christmas half-square triangles that need to be trimmed and then organized into a table runner/table topper/pillow/etc 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

James' Baby Quilt

I couldn't just make quilts for friends, right? James needed one of his own :)

Fabric: Sasparilla by October Afternoon for Riley Blake Fabrics (I used a different line from October Afternoon for one of Ev's quilt, so this just felt right!).

I think the backing is an Alexander Henry print... another Instagram purchase from last year. I haven't checked out #thegreatfabricdestash in awhile... I should take a glimpse again soon, just to see if there's anything good ;)

 I love this size quilt (6x8 5" squares with a 4" border), as it fits perfectly over the infant carseat. We'll get a lot of use out of it... it seems that the second child gets lugged around a lot more than the first. E loves going on outings, so James gets to come, too!

Monday, April 27, 2015

A Pillow for E {April ALYOF Finish}

Thank goodness I worked on this pillow during the first week of April! With the addition of our newest little one, the rest of the month definitely wasn't conducive to sewing :)

E always likes new additions to her bed, and this one didn't disappoint. I quilted it with some swirls and added an easy backing. 

Done and done!

Goal Post 
Number 11 in the Linky Party

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Another Eye-Spy Quilt

A third college roommate/teammate recently had her first little one (a boy!). 

In case you lost track, out of a tight-knit group of 7 college friends, four of us had babies within a month of each other - we did not plan this! Out of us 7, there are now 7 future jackrabbits ;)

This baby's gender was revealed earlier in the pregnancy, but I still decided to go with an I-Spy quilt. They are just too fun to create, plus they really do "grow" with the baby even up into the toddler years. I love giving baby presents that are useable for a long time!

The mother grew up on a farm, so I just had to use this perfect panel for the backing! I found it on Instagram's #thegreatfabricdestash last spring. I still have another panel to use on a future project.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Welcome Gus-Gus {DIY Wall-Art}

Welcome Gus-Gus! Well, you're not Gus-Gus anymore... so...

Welcome James Thomas :)

He came three weeks early, but things are going well so far. He's a sleepy little thing during the day, but his nights are getting better. His latch is slowly getting better, too, so hopefully nursing continues to improve as well. 

I'll post more about him as the weeks and month go on, but as for now, here is the DIY Wall Art that I made for his nursery.

We have had this covered with a blanket for the last month or so... that way no one could see the name until he arrived!

Just a quick rundown of how we made this wall-hanging...

  • Dan joined two reclaimed wood boards with a brace and drilled a hole in the back where we can hang it on a nail (that's been pounded into a stud in the wall). 
  • I used my go-to charcoal transfer method to transfer the image of an elk silhouette (found after a quick internet search, enlarged in photoshop, and taped together after printing). 
    • This transfer method is a little more challenging on this type of wood. I was painting more by looking for the indentation made by the tracing step rather than the charcoal. I also had to eye-ball quite a few places where I couldn't see any indication of where I should be painting. 
    • I also learned that a paint marker doesn't work as well on this wood, so after finding the outline with the paint marker, I used craft paint and a small paintbrush instead. 

And, there it is! It looks a lot better out in the open than covered in a blanket!

PS: I'll post about his quilt soon :)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Pacific Northwest Baby Quilt

This baby quilt was also sent off a few weeks ago... after the birth of a little boy (gender was a surprise) to another of my college teammate/roommates. They live in the Pacific Northwest, so I thought it was the perfect time to cut into a plaid and stripes fat quarter bundle that I've had since 2012. I bought it at the Prickly Pear Quilting Shop in Helena, MT. It was a super cute little shop and I was happy to find a bundle of these plaids...

I had the border fabric on hand as well, so all I had to purchase was the backing (the binding was cut from the fat quarter bundle). Simple cross-hatching quilting was all this quilt needed. I loved how crinkly it was after I washed and dried it!!

In addition to the quilt, I also sent off this little wall plaque that I made. I used a scrap piece of wood from our reclaimed barnwood stash and painted an evergreen on it (after asking the mommy-to-be what would be a good, simple addition to their nursery). I braided some jute twine for hanging the plaque on the wall.