Wednesday, December 17, 2014

WIPs and One Finish

It's about time that I do an updated WIP (Works in Progress) post!

But first, a finish! This was my quickest batch of burp cloths in recent history! A few days ago I realized that I'd be seeing 3-4 friends who are expecting this coming Spring. Well, their baby quilts are definitely not done yet, so I figured I could at least whip up a few burp cloths for a small Christmas present :) 

Here is a WIP that has been a long time coming. I've had the fabric for ages (Dear Mr. Claus), and I finally figured out what to do with them. The lap quilt has been basted and is currently in the "to-quilt" pile. 

Evelyn was in a cuddly mood after her nap, while I was trying to baste this baby quilt (School Days by Moda). This quilt was recently upgraded from the "to-quilt" pile to the "to-bind" pile. That pile resides out by the TV in hopes that one of these nights, I'll actually get ambitious and do some hand-sewing while I'm watching a Christmas movie (especially since my December goal has not left that pile... I should get going on that!).

She seemed to also like the backing to another baby quilt. I did eventually get her to move so I could baste it! She then got out one of her favorite "toys" at my parents' house... an old trike that I refinished in my 4-H days. It spent many-a year in an outbuilding at my grandmother's farm. Mom talked me into refinishing it for her (stripping paint, lots of steel wool sanding, and spray paint). It now is the throne for my American Girl Kirsten doll :)


So, let's do a list... 
(a list that does not include projects that have fabric pulled but haven't been cut into yet!)

2 baby quilts needing binding
2 baby quilts needing quilting then binding
1 lap quilt needing quilting then binding
2 (or is it 3?!) knit dresses for E that have been cut but need some sewing done(!)
2 baby bags that are in various stages of completion

The best part of having a list like this? 
Knowing that it means that I'm using at least a little of my stash! Little by little!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Frozen-Inspired Jumper

I'm a little late to the party, but since E can't even tell this is Frozen-inspired, I don't feel too bad :)

I'm just lucky that she is in a photo-loving phase! She is great about sitting or standing where I ask her to, and I'm learning what can help bring out that true smile of hers (and not her forced-smile-grimmace-thing!).  This is an "itsy-bitsy-spider" smile :)

Of course, she recently learned about the fun of viewing the pictures of the camera, so she came running to see how the pictures were turning out every few photos that I took. I'll take it though, as long as she keeps cooperating!

I used the Joleen A-Line Dress pattern by Viola Lee that I found on Etsy by searching for toddler jumper patterns. There are other patterns that I could have used to get the jumper-feel that I love about Elsa and Anna's toddler dresses, but this one worked (for the most part) with the yardage that I had on hand. I would have loved to do a color-block modification to the pattern, but I settled with just using the second color as the facing. 

The fabric and ribbon is from Pink Chalk Fabrics (they no longer sell fabric). I purchased the goods this fall after I won a gift certificate to their site. The fabric is Andover Chambray (Turquoise and Raspberry) and the ribbon is Sue Spargo Folkloric in Lilac Grey.  

Ok, so she mostly cooperates. I asked her to put down the snowmen (I wanted a picture of the front of the jumper), but she obviously didn't want to do that!

Don't worry, I just asked her how big she was and... here you go, the front! Ha! It's a little big and I wish I would have raised the button holes - the pattern said to place them an inch below the top of the strap, but I think they should be just a little higher. At least she has room to grow in this outfit!

Here's a better picture of the buttons/button holes. I still need to work on my button holes. I use the attachment that came with my machine, but it seems like every time I go to sue my seem ripper to open up the hole, I break a few threads on the side so I have to resort to using some liquid stitch to keep the button hole from unraveling! Frustrating! But, since the jumper is so big, I don't have to unbutton the bad side, and I hope that that helps keep the button hold in tact for awhile. 

(The buttons were from my stash. E and I had a lot of fun playing with the buttons until I found ones that would work).

All in all... I'm happy for a finish! One less project on my list :)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bindings and Pop-Eye

This is my last of three donation baby quilts made with some of my scrap fabrics. My ALYOF December goal is to finish hand-sew the binding to the back. 

I hope to get them mailed in the New Year with some school supplies... kids don't just need school supplies in the fall! As a former teacher, I remember my students always needing new pencils and borrowing paper from their peers (or me!).

 I showed you this Popeye Skater Dress for E in a previous post, but I figured it would be too big for her to try on. Well, it's not! It fits just right over a black turtleneck. Don't mind her zebra leggings... her black ones were in the dirty clothes basket. She gets so excited when I pull down a dress and ask her if she wants to wear it that day. She loves dressing up!

As you can see our Christmas tree is up... E loves naming the different ornaments ("ball" and "star") and jingling the bells. She should be quite entertaining around all the decorations and presents this year!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

E's Popeye Dress {ALYOF}

I finished it! 
 In a previous post, I showed you a Popeye Skater Dress that I made for a friend's little girl who recently arrived... I figured that I might as well make Evelyn one at the same time. 

Evelyn's dress is a little different. This is my first sleeveless Skater and I didn't have enough of the Popeye fabric for the skirt. The skirt is a thin, black knit instead... and because it was so thin, I decided not to hem it. I haven't tried it on Ev yet, as I made it a little big so she can grow into it for the summer. When summer does arrive in 6 months or so, we'll see if we have to shorten the skirt any.  If she grows into it sooner, we have a black turtleneck that can go underneath :)

She likes dresses... and soft things... so she liked carrying her new outfit around until I hung it up in her closet.

Happy Girl!

Pattern: Skater Dress by Kitschy-Coo
Top Fabric: Popeye The Sailor Man and a red ribbed knit (both from a Craigslist purchase)
Bottom Fabric: Thin, stretchy black knit from a chain store

November ALYOF Goal is Complete!
Goal Post: Here
Entry Number on Goal Linky: 25

Monday, November 3, 2014

Popeye Skater Dress {Plus November's ALYOF Goal}

Remember good-ol' Popeye? And his beloved Olive Oil and little Sweet Pea? 
Ok, I admit, I don't remember watching the cartoon that often... but I certainly remember his love of spinach :)

I found this knit fabric (selvedge says it was made in 1987 for Peter Pan Fabrics, Inc.) while buying a bundle of fabric from a lady on Craigslist back when we were still in Montana. I always knew it would make some really cute clothes!

Here is a Skater Dress (pattern by Kitschy-Coo) made for a sweet baby girl recently born to my first best friend (her husband was also a classmate of ours). I made the 6-12 month size (free add-on to the pattern), and I'm crossing my fingers that it will fit this coming summer.

I hope to finish Evelyn's version soon. I started them at the same time, but then some travel plans came up and I needed to finish this gift quickly. E's dress has a few differences, so I'll be sure to post it when I finish it! Actually, let's make finishing that dress my November goal. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Something Wicked This Way Crosses {Blog Hop}

Wendy from Why Knot Quilt?  and Mdm Samm from Sew We Quilt have continued a wicked tradition with hosting a wickedly fun blog hop for the fourth year in a row. I and the rest of today's wicked sewists plan on showing you lots of wonderfully wicked projects! 

Enjoy your Black Cat Crossing Blog Hoppers on the Eve of All-Hallows-Eve!


Thursday, October 30
On the Banks of Frog Creek (You Are Here!)


Now, here are my two wicked projects... I was not able to purchase the very fun Black Cat Crossing fabrics, but I was able to dig through my stash and finally use some of the Halloween fabrics that I've bought over the years.

I have this family treasure in my kitchen that enjoys being dressed up for the holidays. I already have Christmas and Valentine's Day runners for it, so I was happy to have a wicked-good reason to sew up a Halloween one for it!

I googled "cat sillouettes" and searched and searched until I found this one that fit the runner perfectly. I then measured, cut and sewed and then sewed, measured and cut until the runner fit the antique kitchen cabinet. I quilted it with crazy lines to enhance the feeling of Halloween being a holiday of crazy surprises! 

 I had just enough of this fun fabric for the backing.

With all that cutting and measuring I did for the runner, I had some extras strips and scraps to use up. I figured a quick pillow was just the thing!

 The quilting was my favorite part of this!

My walking foot has been giving me some wicked tension issues, so all I could use was my regular foot. Straight lines can still make a great spider's web! Even E had fun following the lines :)

More stash fabrics for the pillow backing.

Thanks for stopping by! Now, go say "boo!" to those other bloggers listed at the top of this post... I hope you all have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

PS: Finishing these projects in time for the blog hop was also my ALYOF Goal finish for October. I was number #19 on the goal setting link party. Here is a link to my goal post.

Monday, October 13, 2014

More Shirts for E

Delia recently posted printables for making diy graphic shirts. That gave me the itch! The crafty itch! 
It was time to make some shirts using freezer paper stencils for my daughter!! :) 

Shirts: Walmart
Paint: Walmart

PLAY: Delia printout here
JACKS: A logo from my college athletics
SNOWFLAKE: Google Clipart Search