Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sewing At The Lake {ALYOF July Goal Complete}

Even though we were living in my parents' lake cabin all of June, I was able to still get some sewing done!

My ALYOF July goal was to complete two quilt tops using my scraps. You can read about my scraps in the goal post (number 16 in the link party). I did a simple alternating design with 4-patches and 5" charms. 

Like I said in the goal post, these will be quilted and donated as baby quilts (Mom thinks I need to keep them to remember the fabrics from special projects dating back to my 4-H days, but I keep reminding her that I have plenty of these scraps left for more projects!)

Surprisingly, I also got two more quilt tops partially done. These still need borders. The top one uses the rest of my Sasparilla charms (cut from a layer cake)... this quilt will be finished and then tucked away in case Ev ever gets a sibling ;) 

The bottom quilt has a slight plus design and uses more of my charm scraps.

Even more surprisingly, I even finished a winter dress for Ev. 
Pattern: Skater Dress by Kitschy Coo
Cream Fabric: Interlock knit remnant from JoAnns
Floral Fabric: A jersey knit from Hancock Fabrics

While I am soooo happy to finally have a home of my own, I very much enjoyed my month-long stay at the lake cabin :) This journey to home ownership has been lengthy, but we've be blessed with wonderful friends and family that have helped us out along the way. God is so good!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ruffled Halter for the Fourth of July

Remember that Ruffles Blog Hop last spring? Well, Evelyn finally wore the ruffled halter I made! Head back to the blog hop post for more information on patterns and fabrics.

This was the perfect top for the 4th of July! She spent most of the day with Dan's parents while Dan and I participated in a local sand volleyball tournament. They brought her to watch the first game... she watched the game longer than I expected, but then she was off to explore the nearby park equipment. Ev doesn't stay still for long!

If you recall, the ruffles on this top were cut on the bias, which reduces fraying, which in turn meant I didn't have to hem the ruffles.. or so the pattern said. I've washed it three times now and most of the ruffles are fine; the fabric frayed just a tiny bit just like it was supposed to, but there's one spot on the top ruffle that frayed more than the rest and it has already reached the stitch line. Don't ask me why! I think it will still hold up for a few more washes, but I may just add length next time to hem them... because if I'm going to take the time and use the fabric to make something, I want it to last! (I'm sure my Mom is thinking "I told you so!" right now!)

In other news, I really like wildflowers :)

These were both taken at my parents' lake cabin. Dad has since mowed them down since they were in a big weed patch by the road, but I enjoyed them while they lasted :) The yellow was a volunteer snapdragon. There were a lot of them in the weed patch... not sure how they got there, but I loved them! 

Don't worry, I "fed" one of the flowers a rock for old time's sake! Please tell me that I'm not the only one who "feeds" my snapdragons?!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Holiday Goodies {Christmas in July}

 In Honor of Christmas in July...
I have two recipes for you today!

Both can of course be made anytime of year; your taste-buds will thank you!

This first recipe was actually one that my brother's friend entered into their 6th Grade recipe book. Each student needed to share a recipe that was a family tradition... whether it be a holiday, birthday or ethnic food. Then, one the evening, each student prepared their dish (with parental help of course) and shared samples to parents, siblings, community members and teachers in the school cafeteria. It was quite the event.

Adam (my brother) did homemade ice cream (a few years later, I did Swedish Meatballs). 
Adam's friend did Marshmallow Balls! (and our Christmases were never the same again...)

It is a little time consuming, but they are always a favorite. Plus, they freeze well!

You should be able to click on the picture to see it bigger. Let me know if you'd rather me send it through email or I can type it out here.

 The second recipe, is really no recipe at all - it's so easy!

Christmas Ice Cream Cones

  1. You lay out original Bugles (yes, they still make these!) onto a sheet of waxed paper. While laying them out, don't forget to stick one on each finger and act like a witch for just one second. Then eat the ones on your finger and continue laying them out :)
  2. Melt almond bark in the microwave.
  3. Spoon the melted almond bark into the opening of the bugle and lay a M&M in the opening. It works well to have one person spooning the almond bark and another laying the M&Ms... perfect to get the kiddos involved!
  4. Wait for them to harden and enjoy their sweet-saltiness!

Happy Christmas-in-July!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mom's Christmas Decorations {Christmas in July}

I thought it was time for a little Christmas in July action... here are a few pictures from last Christmas.

Some vintage goodies... I always had fun rearranging these little guys.

The very toy train my dad played with when he was young... and what I like to think of as the original "Elf on the Shelf" (err... ladder). Mom has decorated with that guy for as long as I can remember.

A Vintage Ornament. 
A Cute Bell. (Fun to ring... I wonder if my family ever got tired of me ringing this thing when I was younger...) 
Homemade Crocheted Stockings (the original family stockings were made by my grandma, but Mom has since made a few more as the family has expanded!).

My parents' Christmas China (Lenox Holiday). Mom usually receives one new piece each year. She is proud of all the pieces, but that punch bowl may just be her favorite. I mean, it even gets to come out for Easter and Thanksgiving and any other family gathering she deems punch necessary for. And it's always fun to explain why there's a Christmas punch bowl next to the basket of colored eggs and Easter Bunnies ;)

Christmas 2014 will be here before you know it! Happy Christmas in July!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Goal {ALYOF}

This is the month we move into our new home!!!

 So, I'll keep this simple. I'll finish sewing these 4-patches and then combine them with these scrappy charms to create 2 baby quilt tops... these will be destined for donation!

I had hoped that this project would help me get rid of my crazy stash of 3" scraps, but I still have plenty!

 You see, back when I was just getting back into sewing and quilting, I took my mom's stash and cut a lot of it into 3" squares (ugh, I didn't iron before cutting and I cut a lot of it off-grain... what was I thinking? I could have made so many other things with that fabric if I hadn't cut it all up!!!!).

Anyways, I had this brilliant idea of creating a beautiful half-square triangle quilt that I saw in one of my mother-in-law's quilting books. Yeah, that never happened. And it won't ever happen either... I just don't have the right fabric for it, and I realized it's not really my style. Now, I have all these squares!

To be honest, though, they are perfect for entertaining Ev while I'm sewing - she loves throwing them around the room :) BUT, I don't think she'll miss the 80 4-patches I created with some of her squares! Like I said, there are plenty of squares left!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

June Goal Complete {ALYOF}

 I've completed my June Goal! 

I finished attaching the binding to this Christmas Tree Skirt which is destined to become a wedding present for one of my best friends.

Since I've had so many wedding and graduation presents to make for this summer, I had a local long-armer quilt two of the skirts. She did this fun holly leaves and berries pattern with a variegated thread.

After having it quilted, I cut (gasp!) out the circle (and did a lot of zigzags and tight stitching to prevent unraveling). Whenever I do this, I can just imagine finding an old vintage quilt and making it into a Christmas tree skirt... wouldn't that be fun?!

But, in case I can never find the perfect (perfect looking and perfect price!) vintage quilt, I'll look forward to making a scrappy skirt for myself someday :)

ALYOF Details

Goal Post
I was number 87 on the goal linky.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Evelyn's First Skater Dress {Picture Heavy!}

As I was scrolling the internet one night, I came across this free add-on (free pattern pieces but no instructions) for the Little Skater Dress. I printed off the pattern pieces, and while I probably could have figured out how to sew it together without the actual pattern (by Kitschy-Coo), I decided to buy the pattern anyways. I figured I'd be making a lot of these in the coming years! And after sewing up this one, I truly hope I can get more done. It was a quick and easy project, and...


Isn't it adorable?! 

I love that the top is fitted and the skirt is slightly flared (but no gathers!). The pattern comes with several sleeve options... sleeveless, short and long. 

As I continue to sew with knit fabric, the more I like them (this was a craigslist purchase back in Montana). What's not to like?! With knits, I don't need to worry about zippers, buttons or snaps. Sweet bliss!!

My double needle worked really well, and I used a yellow ribbed knit from my stash for the neckline and armbands.

Lucky coincidence... Ev's cloth diaper cover matched the dress perfectly ;)

I love that the knit fabric makes this a no-fuss, comfy play dress. She can help feed the cows in it and I don't have to worry about her getting it dirty! Just keep playing, Ev!

She can help Grandma plant her garden and flower pots in it...

And just go for a walk around grandma's backyard...

There's always time to explore the playhouse and pick a dandelion...

And finally, it's time to check out the machine shed. No Ev, you're not quite ready for the trike yet! 

Thanks for hanging out with us during Ev's favorite time during the day... being outdoors ;)

**This is just a typical outdoor playtime for Ev. She just walks, walks, walks and explores, explores, explores... and I just follow, follow, follow. This time, I just decided to keep the camera handy :)