Projects For Babies & Kiddos

Burp Cloths

Peasant Dress

The Hexie Skirt

Patched Baby Bibs

Monogram Applique Bibs

Denim & Flannel Bibs

Pencil Pouch

Baby Boy Outfit

Toddler Bucket Hat

Pillowcase Dresses

Toddler Scrubs

NICU Blankets

Star Crochet Blanket

Baby Girl Outfit

Newborn Peasant Dress

Monogram Taggie

Toddler Boy Shorts

Toddler Girl Skirts

Carseat Strap Holders Tutorial

Twisted Flower Purse

Comfy Christmas Dress

Birthday Bag

Ruffled Halter

Pearl Bracelet Cheer Skirt

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  1. Lovely goodies for little ones. I will be back soon! ... :) Pat