Friday, October 11, 2013

Just a Busy Time of Year

Only about one field left for soybeans! It will be a huge relief once the soybeans are in! We'll still have corn to harvest, but the corn isn't as weather dependent. Soybeans get hard when it's damp out, while you can even harvest corn in the snow. 
It's not ideal, but it is possible.

Last night was kind of crazy. I was sheltered from it all a bit since I was putting Evelyn to sleep, but I from what I hear, it was kind of crazy...

Not only were the men trying to rush the soybeans, but some cows got out.

Now, to be honest, that isn't that unusual around here (some of the fences need a little tender-loving-care).

However, having a grain truck's transmission just up and quit in the middle of the road while full of soybeans isn't a regular occurance. They had to get one of the tractors to pull it... until the tractor arrived, the truck was just stuck in the middle of the road... at night... full of beans... not fun.

Guess we need a new truck!

Let's hope today goes a bit better :)

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  1. Hope you have a better day and harvest gets completed before the rain shows up. We've gotten a couple inches already,so I'm guessing you'll get some later today or tomorrow. Growing up in the ranching/farming community of Milesville/Philip we didn't harvest soybeans, but corn and wheat.