Saturday, October 5, 2013

It's a Strawberry Swap!

  Erin from Why Not Sew? organized a strawberry pincushion swap a few weeks ago, and our packages must be mailed by... Yesterday! Don't worry, I made the deadline! I made the two strawberries in the first picture, plus I added some tidbits of sewing goodies from my stash into the package! I hope my swap partner enjoys!

I've never made a strawberry pincushion before, but this tutorial helped lead me in the right direction.  I couldn't find my poly-fil stuffing (we're still living out of boxes around here!), so I had to cut up bits of batting. I did make sure that pins could easily poke in before I made too many. You can see below that I also experimented with a Christmas strawberry, but I just didn't like out it turned out. I'll have to try again someday.

 Evelyn enjoyed some Grandma time outside while I rushed to take pictures before the rain came. The farmers were in a rush too... get as much combined before the fields get too wet!! As always, there's Mute begging for some attention :)

The same day that I got serious about finishing my strawberries, my swap package arrived! Two strawberries, a needle book, a yummy charm back and some enticing strawberry-flavored goodies... I can't wait to dig in :) Thank you, Amy!!


  1. So glad you enjoyed our swap, Heidi! It was really fun stitching for you!!! Your partner will be excited to see these sweet berries, too. I love seeing the different fabrics people have chosen. The striped one is really special, and I might have to make more to try out some new combos. I love how quickly they can be made!

  2. Your berries have such a sweet vintage feel to them.... so lovely! Maybe they on their way to my house.....
    Lucky you, too, as Amy's are just gorgeous...sort of modern and classic at the same time! And the needle book is so dear!