Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Last Project from Montana

 This was the last thing I made before packing up my machine before we moved... the green was leftover from the Batik Blog Hop (it was the inside of the purse), and the lining was purchased during this antique store sale. I thought the colors complimented each other, plus I used red thread for even more contrast.

When I was first starting to make it, I just used the entire length of green fabric I had, but that was going to make it too tall for my liking. Therefore, I waited to attach the handles after I added the lining and folded it over. It made the handle attachment a little messier, but I like the look of the lining folded over. I think it turned out to be a successful experiment, don't you?

Dan was having fun taking pictures. I thought I'd humor him and put one more up here. Not my favorite... but it works :)

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  1. Such a great bag and it's always fun to experiment.

  2. It is a cute bag and I agree that it is always fun to experiment! Hope the move went okay. Thanks for sharing.
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