Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas for the Girl

I've had fun sewing for the little girl lately...

I was going to wait until next year to sew this combo up, but I couldn't help myself!! It's a Made for Mermaids mash-up along with their free infinity scarf pattern (links at the end), and I just love how it turned out! A great, comfy Christmas (and after!) dress :)

Here is her other home-sewn outfit for the Holidays. 

We tried wearing this to go see Santa; she loved the thought of seeing Santa, but then we arrived in line and she no longer thought it a fun idea. Maybe next year ;) 

I'm thinking this outfit might work for around Valentine's Day... 

... it's red with hearts! The red fabric actually has the stretch going perpendicular to the stripes, meaning that I had to pick looser fitting patterns. The tunic and the skirts were the perfect answer to the stretch going the wrong way!

Ohp, there's a sneak peak at my next post (matching skirts!)


Patterns Links
Made for Mermaids mash-up of Brooklyn (Link) and Riley (Link
Made For Mermaids Free Infinity Scarf (Link)
Love Notions Girls' La Bella Top (Link)
Made for Mermaids Bonny Leggings with Separate Skirt (Link)
Peek-a-Boo Seattle Skater Skirt (Link)

Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Quilt {December Goal Complete}

I finished binding this Christmas quilt in time to use it for Christmas! 
(Which also means I was able to finish it before the craziness of family gatherings started!)

Fabric: Cosmo Cricket's Dear Mr. Claus for Moda
Pattern: Adapted from "Parlor" in the book A Quilting Life by Sherri McConnell

I won the book in a giveaway last year, while I bought the fabric from the Fat Quarter Shop when it first came out; I think it was at the beginning of Summer 2012. 

I used low volume Christmas stash fabrics, some of which originally came from my mom and mother-in-law's stashes. The binding was just leftovers from the original fat quarter bundle.

The kiddos are always happy to jump into my photo shoots :)

December Goal Post Here
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Friday, December 4, 2015

Binding, Binding, Binding {December Goal}

December Goal: Finish attaching the binding on my Christmas lap quilt.

I'm pretty nervous about finishing this one... I really want to get it done before Christmas, but there is a lot of other things on my to-do list during this season! Hoping for a lot of quiet car trips (so I don't have to hold a pacifier in my son's mouth) that I am able to bind while the husband drives!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Beauty Sleep PJs

There's a new Pajamas pattern in the interwebs... The Beauty Sleep PJs! 

Amy from Peek-a-boo Patterns has finally produced a woman's pattern that matches her ever-popular "Alex & Anna Winter Pajamas" for boys and girls.

I was looking forward to this pattern ever since Amy announced that it was in the works. I even sewed up Evelyn a matching pair in anticipation of the pattern release. But, luckily, I was chosen to test the pattern and was able to sew up this cozy, matching set a few weeks ago :)

This was my first experience testing a pattern - where a pattern designer chooses a small number of seamstresses to try the pattern and give feedback prior to releasing it to the masses. My job was to sew up a practice pair, provide feedback on the fit, instruction and ease of use. Then, I sewed up another pair with a few changes to improve fit and took pictures in it that the designer can then use to promote the pattern.

I truly love these pajamas and look forward to making many more! They are so comfortable and the fit is perfect. I also love that I can make matching pajamas for both Evelyn and James - I'm thinking Christmas pajamas for us next year! This fabric was purchased from Mel at Purpleseamstress Fabric on Facebook. The black is a wonderful solid cotton/lycra that she stocks continuously but you'd have to ask Mel directly if she has any more of the patterned fabric.

The pattern released today (Dec 3, 2015)... go, find it and start sewing :)
Beauty Sleep PJs

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

JT's Stocking {ALYOF November Goal Complete}

Shortly after our wedding, I started working on crocheting our Christmas stockings. Then, when I was pregnant with E, I made one for her. Now, it was time to make JT's stocking. 

I've used the same pattern for all of them (link) that I found through Pinterest and I bought enough yarn from JoAnns at the beginning to make all of them.

I look forward to having all four stockings hanging together this Christmas season! I only have a few more days to wait until I can decorate :)

Goal Post here...
Number 33 in the goal linky...


WIP (works in progress) List
  • Christmas lap quilt (finish binding)
  • Several dresses/tops/etc for E and me (patterns and fabric chosen... need to cut and sew)

UFO (unfinished objects) List
  • Twin size quilt top needing a border then quilting and binding
  • A quilt top from my grandma needing quilting and binding
  • 6 baby quilt tops needing quilting and binding - will need 2 done by February
  • A pile of Christmas half-square triangles that need to be trimmed and then organized into a table runner/table topper/pillow/etc

Friday, November 20, 2015

Minnie Mouse Outfit {Third and Final Post}

Oops, I meant to have this post a few weeks ago. I have been so busy that I haven't checked my blog lately to make sure things were posting!

Here is the top from the Minnie Mouse outfit that I first posted here... It's the Recess Raglan pattern from See Kate Sew with the kangaroo pocket add-on - this was my first time using the pattern. 

Black interlock from Joanns, pink cotton/lycra from a local shop and Minnie Mouse fabric from Hancock (but can be found elsewhere).

I paired it with pink leggings and away she went!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Minnie Mouse Outfit {Second Post}

I'm a big fan of this skirt :) 

Pocket Full of Posies Skirt by Elliedactyl
Black and white scuba knit from Girl Charlee
Minnie Mouse cotton lycra from Hancock (available online from several stores)
Pink solid cotton lycra from a local fabric shop

Here it is paired with a RTW turtleneck top and a white denim vest. 

I like how this pairing tones down the "Minnie Mouse-ness" of the outfit. 

I just love the pockets on this pattern! This pattern in general is one of my favorite skirts... a simple skirt with a yoga waistband and big impact pockets! 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Minnie Mouse Outfit {First Post}

I had leftover Minnie Mouse Fabric! 

I made a very similar Pocket Full of Posies Skirt (Elliedactyl Patterns) to the one that I made for E's cousin. Instead of purple pockets, E got Minnie Mouse Pockets!

The top is a pattern that I've had for awhile now, but I finally sewed up with some black interlock from JoAnn's remnant bin. The pattern is the Recess Raglan by See Kate Sew - the kangaroo pocket was a recent addition to the pattern that Kate posted on her blog a few weeks ago.

I have two more posts coming up to look at the two pieces individually...

Friday, November 6, 2015

Minnie Mouse PJs

This little lady makes me smile. 

Somedays I don't think I should encourage her love of Mickey and Minnie, but then I see her excitement when she sees or hears them... and it's all worth it. I'm sure it is just a phase, and she will (someday) show excitement for something else. Until then, I'll keep getting her to smile and shout for joy with anything related to Mickey Mouse :)

So, I bought some of this Creative Springs Minnie Mouse knit from Hancock Fabrics (with a coupon). It is available at a lot of places online, too! The pink coordinating cotton/lycra is from a local store.

It is a very quick and easy sew, and it definitely makes me excited to make more pajamas in the future! It also makes me excited to start using my serger that I just bought (a big thank you to my husband for that purchase!). Peek-A-Boo has plans on releasing a matching woman's pattern soon, so yes, I am planning on making matching mommy-daughter pajamas... but in different fabric!

This is one of my music boxes in my old bedroom at my parents' house. Dad used to give me a music box every Christmas. Evelyn just loves them all, so I was pleasantly surprised when she asked to hold this one for the photo shoot. It helps that the mice twirl around the needle... movement always makes them more fun, right?

She loves her pajamas. I love her pajamas. It's a win-win! 

PS: Aren't those toes cute ;)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

One More Christmas Stocking {ALYOF - November Goal}

Over a year ago, I posted this picture as an announcement of my pregnancy. I had started James' stocking to match the rest of the ours, but I had barely gotten past the centers of the 12 granny squares needed to create one stocking. I finally started working on it again last month and have finished the 12 granny squares, but now I need to put them together! 

November Goal: Finish James' Christmas stocking!


WIP (works in progress) List
  • Christmas lap quilt (finish binding)
  • Several dresses/tops/etc for E and me (patterns and fabric chosen... need to cut and sew)
  • SDSU hats for Christmas gifts (6 cut out, a few started, still need to cut a few more)
  • Finish crocheting James' Christmas Stocking

UFO (unfinished objects) List
  • Twin size quilt top needing a border then quilting and binding
  • A quilt top from my grandma needing quilting and binding
  • 6 baby quilt tops needing quilting and binding - will need 2 done by February
  • A pile of Christmas half-square triangles that need to be trimmed and then organized into a table runner/table topper/pillow/etc

Friday, October 30, 2015

Monthly Update {October-ish}

These pictures are from the 2nd half of September and the 1st half of October... Not a lot happened, but as usual, we had plenty of family time!

The boys shingled at Dan's parents' place. It was great weather and the crops weren't quite ready for harvest... now they've been harvesting like crazy (but those pictures will be in the next month's update!)

And we hung out with Aunt Sarah and Uncle Adam at my parents' place. James got to try out the old walker and E was able to fly a kite with Adam and spend time in her happy place (the playhouse!)

We also had one weekend that we stayed home for, but we hosted Dan's sister's family. We went for a hike, tried out a new restaurant in town and Sarah and I were able to walk around a craft fair, farmer's market and antique store (without the kids!!). 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

6 Months {JT ~ Update}

6 months - 6 months - 6 months! 

I've had the pictures all ready for this post, but I just haven't taken the time to talk about them until now. I need to remind myself that it is so much easier to talk about his monthly updates right away, rather than waiting a few weeks... I always forget what all he has learned to do while waiting!

Anyways, he is truly a happy little boy (carseat time is still a 50-50 chance of going well or enduring a screaming fest) and is really started to study the world around him. He still is a cuddle bug - something that his sister never was! His weight and height are both average, so he is transitioning from 3-6month clothes to 6-9 month clothes. (He loved the leaf that was the same size as his head... well, he really just loves anything that he can grasp with his fingers!)

He rolls, but can be content on either his tummy or his back (again, different that E... she would never be content on her back!). Actually, one of his favorite positions is just lying on his back on my lap and playing with his feet while looking around. His fingers are often in his mouth, but he doesn't favor any. He still takes a pacifier, but we still haven't tried a bottle. His baby attitude continues to grow. In these pictures above, he was happily playing in the dirt and grass beside the blanket. As soon as we moved him to the middle of the blanket again and out of reach of the dirt and grass, he would get so upset! 

Breakfast times are getting more and more interesting! E eats her rice krispies and James has his oatmeal. (Then applesauce for lunch and then a veggie for supper... at the time he turned 6 months, he had sweet potatoes, squash and avocado). He is a much better eater than E ever was... sometimes he gets upset when I don't feed him quick enough! (my breakfast gets squeezed before or after this lovely scene).

He's getting more grabby for her toys. She's getting more pokey/pestering and a little more defiant. Yet, she gives him "big hugs" and kisses and still loves to "hold" him :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Minnie Costume.

There was no question as to what E would be for Halloween this year. She is enthralled by Mickey Mouse and is duly devoted to both Mickey and Minnie. 

Therefore, I decided to make her a Minnie outfit.

Dress Fabric and Ears Tulle: JoAnns
Bloomers Fabric: Eyelet from my stash

Both clothing patterns are perfect for quick and simple sewing. They may not have the most professional finishes, but I don't mind when it comes to play clothes and costumes! For example, both the sleeve cuffs and the bloomers leg elastic and hems are done flat, prior to sewing the sleeves and legs. This leads to slightly messier and visible inside seams, but E doesn't know any better and I'm not sewing for 4-H judges anymore! The bloomers were bought, cut and sewn up all in one day. Nothing better than that! 

Her personality is certainly getting bigger and bigger. I can no longer ask her to do the "itsy-bitsy" in order to get her to smile. Instead of smiling, she now starts singing! She loves getting her pictures taken though, so I can't complain :)

The hair bows were fun, too. Walmart wants $8 for Minnie Mouse ears... so I made these instead. 
She makes me smile.

I cannot wait for trick-or-treating! Yay for "Halloween-time!"

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October Goal Complete {ALYOF ~ Zander Bag}

The no-longer-New-Zealanders are back on USA soil, all safe and sound. 
We look forward to having them nearby again! 

Zander's bag is finished! 

The fabric came from a giveaway from a New Zealand blogger. I had no idea a the time how well the three fat quarters would come in handy! Who knows if Zander will ever return the land he was born in, but I'm sure he will have a lot of souvenirs to remind if of where he lived for the first three months of his life :)

*ALYOF Note: Number 29 on the Goal Linky Party
*Link to my goal post


WIP (works in progress) List
  • Christmas lap quilt (finish binding)
  • Several dresses/tops/etc for E and me (patterns and fabric chosen... need to cut and sew)
  • SDSU hats for Christmas gifts (6 cut out, a few started... need to buy more fleece!)

UFO (unfinished objects) List
  • Twin size quilt top needing a border then quilting and binding
  • A quilt top from my grandma needing quilting and binding
  • 6 baby quilt tops needing quilting and binding - will need 2 done by February
  • A pile of Christmas half-square triangles that need to be trimmed and then organized into a table runner/table topper/pillow/etc

Friday, October 9, 2015

Pocket Full of Posies for Miss K

Miss K is turning 3 tomorrow! Happy Early Birthday! 

And so, for my niece's third birthday, I made her a skirt... she is also getting some paint markers, a book and a shirt that I stenciled (but forgot to take a picture of it!).

Fabric: Pink Cotton/Lycra - local fabric store, Purple (interlock?) - Hancock Fabrics, Black Flowers Scuba Knit - Clearance from Girl Charlie (out of stock now)

Doll skirt for "Baby" was roughly made using the same pattern with a little modification. It fits E's dolly that is about the same size as "Baby," so I'm crossing my fingers! I'm also crossing my fingers that the skirt fits Miss K. I had her measurements from making the matching cousin pajamas, and the skirt fits E, so I'm pretty hopeful :)

E was actually really good about me making this skirt for K. She would ask who it was for and when I said that is was a birthday present for K, she would sometime ask where hers was... she never whined about me not making her one, though, so I was pretty happy about that :) I am actually making her a similar skirt with the scuba knit and pink cotton/lycra... but instead of purple pockets, she'll have Minnie Mouse pockets (I just picked up the Minnie fabric this week... I have a whole pile of items to sew for E now that will have splashes of Minnie on it!)

Anyways, the birthday party isn't until Tuesday, and I am so excited about her gift. I really hope she likes it! We continue to pray for the adoption process... hopefully by Christmas she will be my niece for good! :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

DIY Projects Update

Lately, I've had some DIY fun...

We did some canning! Applesauce and tomato sauce (apples from my in-laws and tomatoes from our garden). I also tried apple butter, but I still haven't test it... I'm not a huge fan of it, so I made it especially for Dan and my dad. 

I quilted my Christmas quilt! Now I just have to finish the binding... 

I'm working on some wall-art. Some of them cannot be hung until we get some dry-wall on the basement walls (so, it will be awhile....), but others just need some hangers and nails in the wall!

Making these wall-art signs is really easier than I ever thought they would be. They provide a great remedy to my crafty-itch when I've been sewing too long :) I like variety in my DIY projects!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Daddy's Girl Dress for E

My little girl is growing up! She's not even 2.5 years old yet, but when I put this outfit on her, even Dan said that it looked like she was dressed for the first day of school! 

Bodice/Strap Fabric: Stash. No idea.
Skirt: Dan's old flannel shirt.

Overal, I love how it turned out. I have the straps tied too tight, which is why it looks bunched at the armpits in this picture. Thankfully, that just requires an easy fix of loosening the knot on the straps. I need to remember next time I sew this pattern to use a finishing stitch on the bottom of the bodice and on the top of skirt separately before gathering and sewing them together (the skirt seam is not enclosed in the bodice). 

I was afraid that E wouldn't like it, but she was all ready for the photo-shoot because 1) she got to wear her new (to her) boots and 2) Mommy was going to take pictures of her!

Because the skirt is from Dan's old shirt, this was a really quick sew! The pattern gives complete instructions for using an old shirt for the entire dress or you can make it with yardage. As I said earlier, I chose to mix and match - using an old shirt and yardage. 

 Last but not least, the pattern gives instructions on how to tie the straps so it looks like the knot of Daddy's tie. I struggled, so I just did an easy knot. Works for me! Now, let's hope I can get her to wear it again :)