Thursday, March 31, 2016

Two Summer Nightgowns

Recently, I found a free flutter sleeve dress in a 4T size on pinterest (It's Always Autumn), and shortly after, Flosstyle released the Paradise Dress - a free flutter sleeve dress pattern in a wide range sizes. 

I loved the look of these dresses, and I want to gift a dress to my niece... so, I thought that I'd practice both patterns to see which one I liked better. Thankfully, my niece is about the same size as E (a little taller and a little thinner, but pretty much the same size!)

I shook out my vintage sheet collection and found some perfect ones for summer nightgowns. The lace on the top dress's sleeves was actually lace that was used on my mom's bridesmaids' dresses (she made the bridesmaid dresses that my aunt and my cousin wore... I'll have to find a picture). Both dresses went together very easily (especially since I re-used a hem for the top dress's hem, so that one went really quickly!). I prefer the fit of the It's Always Autumn dress, but it's just a single size and the 4T is just a little too big right now. Since the gift is needed by May 2nd, I have changed my mind and will use my good fabric to try the Sally Dress for the first time :)

I'm still really glad that I made these two nightgowns (not only for the fact that now I know that the style doesn't look as nice on Ev as I imagined it would)... she needed some summer nightgowns and she loves the frilly-ness of these. I love using fabric from my stash and I love trying new patterns! I now hope to make a few pajama-legging shorts to go under them. Yay for completed projects!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March Goal Complete!

My goal for March was to finish 6 baby onesies that at the time I had cut out but hadn't sewn together... here they are!

As usual, the pattern is Peekaboo Pattern's Lullaby Bodysuit. This time I branched out and used the 3 month, 12 month and 18 month sizes along with my usual 6 month size. 

Here are the college onesies :)
One is for a high school friend of mine who also attended the same college, one is for a running teammate and one is for a math fraaaaand (we used to have math parties together... aka study groups, ha).

And the hometown onesies... one is actually for a 18 month old little girl. Her mom actually designed the shirt out junior year of high school for our band and choir trip to Colorado. Then the other two are for one high school friend... a softball onesie and a 4-H onesie :)

It felt so good to finish these! There is four of them that will be going to girls, so I'm hoping to sew up quick circle skirts for those. Only one of the babies is due in April, while the others will be arriving later... I work better under pressure, so maybe it would be better if they were all due sooner!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March Goal {Sorry, no picture this time!}

I had a hard time making a goal for this month. It seems that nothing is very pressing at the moment, although I still have a lot on my "want-to-sew-right-now" list. I also have several photo books to create (I use Snapfish), and now that James is getting older and the weather is getting warmer, I've really been having a painting itch... I have several crafty projects that I want to work on this spring and summer. Sigh. There is always more to do... I love my creative side, but sometimes I get overwhelmed with EVERYTHING that I want to work on (especially when the baby hasn't been napping well...).

With all that said, I think I want to finish the onesies that I currently have cut out. While none of the babies are due this month, it will make me feel better when I have these done and ready to go - less to do later when I may have more on my plate!


WIP (works in progress) List
  • Several dresses/tops/etc for E and me (patterns and fabric chosen... need to cut and sew) - up next is the birthday dress and then on to summer clothing!
  • Onesies! 
  • Baby Bag... waiting on Mom to work on the name appliqué, but I suppose I should be picking out fabric so I'm ready to go when she finishes

UFO (unfinished objects) List
  • Twin size quilt top needing a border then quilting and binding
  • A quilt top from my grandma needing quilting and binding
  • 5 baby quilt tops needing quilting and binding 
  • A pile of Christmas half-square triangles that need to be trimmed and then organized into a table runner/table topper/pillow/etc
  • A new table runner from a mini charm pack won from a giveaway recently