Thursday, June 26, 2014

June Goal Complete {ALYOF}

 I've completed my June Goal! 

I finished attaching the binding to this Christmas Tree Skirt which is destined to become a wedding present for one of my best friends.

Since I've had so many wedding and graduation presents to make for this summer, I had a local long-armer quilt two of the skirts. She did this fun holly leaves and berries pattern with a variegated thread.

After having it quilted, I cut (gasp!) out the circle (and did a lot of zigzags and tight stitching to prevent unraveling). Whenever I do this, I can just imagine finding an old vintage quilt and making it into a Christmas tree skirt... wouldn't that be fun?!

But, in case I can never find the perfect (perfect looking and perfect price!) vintage quilt, I'll look forward to making a scrappy skirt for myself someday :)

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Evelyn's First Skater Dress {Picture Heavy!}

As I was scrolling the internet one night, I came across this free add-on (free pattern pieces but no instructions) for the Little Skater Dress. I printed off the pattern pieces, and while I probably could have figured out how to sew it together without the actual pattern (by Kitschy-Coo), I decided to buy the pattern anyways. I figured I'd be making a lot of these in the coming years! And after sewing up this one, I truly hope I can get more done. It was a quick and easy project, and...


Isn't it adorable?! 

I love that the top is fitted and the skirt is slightly flared (but no gathers!). The pattern comes with several sleeve options... sleeveless, short and long. 

As I continue to sew with knit fabric, the more I like them (this was a craigslist purchase back in Montana). What's not to like?! With knits, I don't need to worry about zippers, buttons or snaps. Sweet bliss!!

My double needle worked really well, and I used a yellow ribbed knit from my stash for the neckline and armbands.

Lucky coincidence... Ev's cloth diaper cover matched the dress perfectly ;)

I love that the knit fabric makes this a no-fuss, comfy play dress. She can help feed the cows in it and I don't have to worry about her getting it dirty! Just keep playing, Ev!

She can help Grandma plant her garden and flower pots in it...

And just go for a walk around grandma's backyard...

There's always time to explore the playhouse and pick a dandelion...

And finally, it's time to check out the machine shed. No Ev, you're not quite ready for the trike yet! 

Thanks for hanging out with us during Ev's favorite time during the day... being outdoors ;)

**This is just a typical outdoor playtime for Ev. She just walks, walks, walks and explores, explores, explores... and I just follow, follow, follow. This time, I just decided to keep the camera handy :)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Sasparilla Baby Quilt

Last summer I won a gift card to Fabric Fly (through a giveaway on Clover and Violet... I talked about it here before). I had had my eye on Sasparilla by October Afternoon for Riley Blake Fabrics all summer, and I couldn't believe that I was actually going to have some in my possession!! I bought a layer cake with some small bits of yardage, knowing that I could get two baby quilts out of that. I'm saving half of it in case Evelyn ever gets a sibling (her quilt is also by October Afternoon).

However, with the other half, I made this quilt! A little girl is set to arrive sometime in July to a friend of mine (who just happens to be married to Dan's cousin!). Since I didn't have enough 5" charms (cut from the layer cake) to do two of my normal baby quilt patterns, I improvised with this one... 6 rows of 6 charms alternating with 1.5" rows with a 4" border.

The cream on cream floral for the sashing and binding along with both backing fabrics came from the fabrics I received this winter when the family finally went through some of Dan's grandmother's things. I'm so happy that it will go to someone in the family (especially when there's a good chance the little girl will have a middle name that matches her great-grandmother's name!).

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Knotted Jumper

Here is an example of a clothing experiment... I learned a lot, and it still turned out OK (not as well as I had hoped, but still wearable!)

I started with this tutorial.

I changed it by attaching the straps to the back and sewing button-holes in the front to do a knotted strap.

In hind-sight, I would have made the buttonholes further apart, and maybe I'd use buttons instead of knots. Nevertheless, I still love the fabrics! (the black and the blue stripe are from my stash, while the blue is one I chose with a giveaway gift certificate last winter. Don't ask me the name of it... my fabric stash is still at the farm, while we're kind of in limbo right now! We'll be moving into our own home soon!!!!).

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sing to the Lord a new Song {DIY Wall-Art}

 For the longest time I thought I had to have a vinyl letter cutter in order to paint my own wall-art (because I certainly cannot free-hand it!). However, this post that I found through Pinterest showed me there there is a better (and easier!) way :) My crafty life has not been the same since!!

So, following the instructions from that post, I made this... :) 

 I can't wait until I have a piano to set it on!

Until then, here is the sign on the stack of wood where I originally found my board (thanks Tim!). 
I also thought it looked pretty good by my mother-in-law's yard decorations :)
Oh, and this butterfly did not mind me getting up close and personal to it's beautiful yellow wings! Yay Spring!

Sticking with the yellow theme, here's a gold finch at my parents' house. I had a lot of fun taking lots and lots of pictures of the many birds that frequent my dad's feeders :)

Friday, June 13, 2014

A NZ Skirt in a Playhouse

Here's the second half of the NZ outfit... you can see the intro post here and the tunic post here.

Turns out, I like this skirt a lot more than I thought I would as I was sewing it up. 

It just looks so sweet paired with a white onesie and white shoes... and of course, a yellow daffodil :)

We decided to play in my old playhouse a bit. 

Evelyn likes it more and more each time she goes in it.

I've talked about my playhouse once before, back on my old blog (post is here... it's also a post about how Dan proposed!). My dad built it for me and my mom and I have been furnishing it ever since :)

But, here are some inside pictures. 

No, I never spent the night out in my playhouse, but I spent hours and hours out here, mixing up "food" and acting like I was either a pioneer (like Laura Ingalls Wilder!) or like I was on a food show about how to cook like pioneers. 

Yes, I had a vivid imagination.. and I loved Laura Ingalls (how can you not when you grow up half an hour away from where 5 of her books are set?!)

Ok, enough about my old playhouse and enough with the NZ outfit. Have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A NZ Tunic

Just a quick close-up of the top I made with some fun fabric from New Zealand (I showed it to you last week, but it's always fun to actually see the clothes on the recipient, dom't you think?!)

I love how summery this top is, even when paired with store-bought leggings. The ric-rac hem sure pops against the solid pink bottoms!

Again, here is the link to the pattern I used... LINK :)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Wearing her Blue Party Dress

I first showed you this dress here...

"Sooo Big!"

Thanks Grandma Q for having a red tulip to match her buttons and bow!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

June Goal {ALYOF}

Tired of these yet? Ha. 

June Goal: Finish attaching the binding by hand to the back of this Christmas tree skirt. 

Don't worry, this is the last tree skirt for awhile!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New Zealand Outfit

As I showed you earlier, my mother-in-law (with help from my sister-in-law) picked out some cute fabric for me! My in-laws went to visit my sister-in-law and her husband in New Zealand (they are living there for a few years doing academic research with a grant from the National Science Foundation). I knew right away that the fabric was perfect for an outfit for Evelyn...

I enjoyed working with these bright, summery fabrics! The ric-rac, buttons and armhole binding all came from my stash.

I had to redo the armholes a few times, since they were a bit too small on Evelyn. Still, I'm hoping we can wear it for a few months before it gets super tight on her. The skirt should last for awhile!

These can be worn together, although the skirt gets covered up quite a bit by the top. I prefer them separate. I'll have another post soon of Evelyn wearing these :)

Tunic Pattern: Free Download Here
Ric-Rac Hem: Tutorial Here
Skirt Pattern: Original

I didn't browse around too much, but I did find some of this fabric here.  I do know that we are lucky to have easy access affordable fabric available here in the US! 

I'm also grateful for loving sister-in-laws and mother-in-laws who know that I love playing with fabric!! Thanks again :)