Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Real 6 Month Post

Awhile ago, our little Evelyn turned 6 months old! 

It was kind of a tough month for the little peanut... the move changed a lot of things for her! Our surroundings changed, the people changed and her "schedule" has changed (not that she ever has or ever will have a schedule...she's just not that kind of baby... but our normal day definitely changed).

  • She is the happiest after eating, after sleeping (regardless of how long/short the nap was), or just being held by Momma.
  • She laughs at music. She laughs at little kids. She laughs when I chew my food. She likes to laugh... when she's not tired of course.
  • She is getting much better at sitting up.
  • She is mobile! She tries to crawl on all fours, but that lasts just a few short strides and she's back squirming and reaching on her tummy.
  • My parents think her first words will be "up," since that is what she wants most of the time! (Both right-hand picture is her classic "Lift me up, Mom!" pose...)
  • Sometimes she acts like a cat: she'll crawl/squirm close to your legs and then reach up and touch your legs. She wants attention and she wants up!
  • Doc says the two front teeth are coming in, but I haven't seen them peeking through yet.
  • She still loves outdoors - espeically when she can get to play in the grass... or dirt... or whatever is on the edge of the blanket!
  • She doesn't quite understand petting yet... she grabs at the cat's furs still. Good thing the cat is patient and just loves any type of attention!
  • She still hasn't quite figured out how to use a sippy cup, but she loves chewing on them... and on a bottle... and on a pacifier. Chew, chew, chewing.
  • She has started to be more interested in books, but to my excitement!
  • She's in between sizes again... 3-6months and 6-9months.
  • She's still eating twice a night, but at least she's in a crib!
  • Her naps are still hard to come by. Sometimes we bounce, sometimes we nurse, and yes, sometimes we cry.
  • She isn't quite in love with oatmeal yet. Nor does she like homemade applesauce without sugar. Stay tuned for some hilarious pictures of her gagging on it :)

As usual, I'm sure I forgot some important info, but this is a start. Thanks for letting me use this blog as a semi-baby-book! Yes, she has an actual baby book, and a baby calendar... but I figure I won't miss as much if I use three different outlets :)

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  1. Your little peanut is ADORABLE! Good job mama.