Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Fall Walk (Lots of Pictures!)

Union Grove State Park

We decided to go to Union Grove State Park after church on Sunday to enjoy a fall hike. The fall colors are still appearing, and so of course, I had fun with my camera!

 This was Evelyn's first time facing outward in our Baby Bjorn carrier... I know what some say (Don't face them outward! Don't use Baby Bjorn! Blah, blah, blah), but we don't use it that often, and it E likes it!

 Hiking, hiking, hiking... it was a short trail, but enjoyable :) We already have plans of bring our cross country skis and snowshoes there during the winter! There were still a few campers around, enjoying the last of the fall weather.

 All smiles with Daddy.

 Thanks for smiling for me, too, Evelyn!

 I told you I was having fun with the camera...


 After our hike, we laid out a blanket and let Evelyn enjoy the outdoors even more before the rain came the next day.

 Yup, we let her gum a stick, but not for too long! We were happy that she didn't like the taste that much...

She thinks she needs to taste each individual leaf on the ground. Yuck.

 Happy girl. Happy day.

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  1. Looks like so much fun. We've used the baby bjorn a lot and love it. Now that Mathew's getting bigger, he's also heavier in it! We let Mathew nibble on sticks and leaves as well. They are so inquisitive at this age.