Thursday, October 3, 2013

Magic Finger Jell-O Recipe

Isn't that just the cutest cover?

 I grew up with Mom always pulling out this cook book for one single recipe... the Magic Finger Jell-O recipe. It's magical because my picky brother loves it (and still requests it at 28 years old). We pulled it out again this past weekend to make the jell-o for Evelyn's baptism. No, she can't eat it yet, but my brother was there, so of course we had to make it! (Strawberry is his favorite flavor... no other flavor will do... it has to be strawberry!)

The reason I finally took a picture of it is because I finally read through the entire recipe - it gives instructions on how to make jello using frozen juice concentrate! I love that idea and can't wait to make it for Evelyn someday!

*Note: this recipe is different than the Jello Jigglers recipe printed on the box. Don't ask me how the taste or texture or jiggily factor is different because I don't know if I've ever had it made the box way. We've just always have done it this way :)


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