Friday, October 25, 2013

Is it Christmas Yet?!

Because... sometimes it feels that way with some of the things my mother-in-law is excited to give me! Just the other day, she said that I could have three vintage suitcases... and if I didn't want them they were going to Goodwill. Sure Kari, I'll take those off your hands ;)

 Here is a metal tin full of vintage postcards and letters. Now, I actually don't know if I get these or not, but I will for sure be scanning both the fronts and the backs to preserve these lovely, family treasures (some are even written in Norwegian)... and then I'll see if I can decorate with a few of them!

 They aren't all Christmas postcards, but with the countdown to Christmas quickly approaching, I thought it was only appropriate :)

 Gosh. I love vintage. I love Christmas. I love history. How perfect :)

 Here's one dated 1910.

 Most of them seemed to be in the 1920s range.

One last picture for your vintage-loving-hearts. I look forward to having time to scan them all! I'll be sure to share more pictures when I do!!

PS: I can totally see something like this in my Christmas decorating future... not this year, but you know... when I have a house :)

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  1. I just love Vintage Christmas Cards. They just have so much character.