Monday, October 28, 2013

October Goal. Done

I posted my October goal here... this is a part of Melissa and Shanna's A Lovely Year of Finishes.

 I wanted to create something to highlight a piece of Hardanger embroidery that Dan's grandma made... and a pillow is what I decided on! The finished product will probably end up in Evelyn's future bedroom :)

 I used some fat-eighths that I found at a rummage sale back in Montana to create a log cabin block with the embroidery in the middle. I pieced the block onto a piece of scrap fleece, so it was quilted as I added each 2-1/2" strip. The back is just a simple envelope closure, and the binding was attached to the front and hand-stitched to the back.

It's beautiful embroidery, but I knew that I would never take the time to learn such intricate handwork in order to finish this piece. It was best to put it to good use as it is, so it can still be loved while on display. There is a sad kind of beauty in unfinished work, and now it is brightened up with some pinks and blues.

Now I need to decide on a November goal!

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  1. Simply beautiful! I have done a bit of hardanger, but it is a lot of work. Sadly I gave away my first piece. I have a few of mom's hanging around. Luckily she finished most of what she started with hardanger. I have the "stuff" to do it still, but it's packed away, just not on my radar right now. Love how you've made something useful out of it.

  2. i have always loved hardanger, and had a friend who loved to make them. this is really sweet, and well done! i love how you implemented it into the pillow.

  3. Beautiful! The embroidery looks great!

  4. How beautiful! I did some hardanger a long time ago! Thanks for sharing.
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