Friday, July 29, 2016

The Sullivan Dress! {Pattern Testing}

Abby from Sew Much Ado has designed another fun pattern! The first time I tested for Abby was during this past winter - the Magrath Dress! Evelyn and I loved both of those creations, so I was very excited when I had the chance to test for Abby again - the Sullivan Dress!

There are 8 different views contained in this one pattern, created from combining 2 skirt lengths, 2 bodice hems and the short sleeve or sleeves views. Here is the link to the pattern listing on Abby's site.

**Both of my dresses were considered View D, which is the straight hem, knee length and sleeveless view. Ev has had a growth spurt, since she is now using size 4 length, but still a size 2 width. 

The blue and white dress is the 2nd one that I made, which has smaller armholes than the first version. There were a few other small changes, as well, but essentially this is the final version that you will receive in the pattern. 

(The main differences between this dress and the final version is the lack of interfacing around the keyhole back and needing a cleaner finish to the lining side seams.)

The white fabric is a eyelet fabric from Walmart, and the only fabric I had to purchase for this test. The rest came from my stash - I love when that happens!  

The blue is a tiny gingham, and the flower crown was my own DIY creation last spring. On a side note, she will often come out of her room after her "quiet time" wearing it and talking about either being a princess or a queen... or that she is going to a wedding with it :) 

I didn't have enough polka-dot for both the bodice and the lining, so I had to use two different size polka-dots that were on slightly different colors of pink. This isn't a big deal since you can barely see the lining... it is visible though if you lift up the bodice, since the skirt is only attached to the lining. This type of finish requires careful reading of the instructions during the bodice construction - it's not hard, but do read it slowly and thoroughly!

The black and white stripe was from Hobby Lobby... I think I purchased it last fall. I don't often do such a dramatic pairing as this, but I do so love how it turned out! E has worn it several times already :) 

While this is a simple version of the Sullivan dress - sleeveless and straight hem - I love that Abby included it. It may not be as flashy as the cute scallop hem or with the fun detail on the sleeves, but I look forward to adding some fun trims to the straight hem! But who knows, I may try a scallop hem yet... I have a cousin getting married this fall, and I already have fabric picked out! 

 Here is another link to the pattern! Go check it out :)
Oh, and here is a link to Abby's blog post about this sweet dress!

PS: Ev is certainly opening up during these photo shoots. Just look at her strut and pose! Goodness, she just makes me giggle :) 


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Modeled Pictures of the Sally Dress

Remember in April when I made 2 Sally Dresses for E and her cousin? Well, here are a few pictures of E in her dress :)

It fits better than I expected it to. I was worried that the straps were going to be too wide and would fall of her shoulders, but they have been fine. It's still a little tight to put on and take off, but that is to be expected in a non-closure woven dress.

I created the flower crown with a twine ribbon and fake daisies from Walmart and a shear ribbon leftover from my wedding 5 years ago. E has enjoyed playing with her crown now and again :)

Especially with all the hot days that we've had this summer, I'm so thankful that I made this dress with lightweight fabrics. It is perfect for a Midwestern summer!! 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Peekaboo Patterns Felicity Testing ~ Simple Summer

Happy 4th of July!

This was the third and final Felicity dress that I made during testing for Peekaboo Pattern Shop.

Fabrics: Red Gingham from my stash and a lightweight chambray from Raspberry Creek Fabrics on Etsy (Denim Swiss Dot Chambray by Robert Kaufman)

I added the red piping that was also in my stash - the pattern does not come with instructions for the piping, but it is such an easy addition! This was the updated bodice (and final version for this size), and I think I could have sized down to her true size. You don't want to size-up too much with this dress because then the bodice is too wide as you see in the pictures. 

I've wanted to sew something with gingham and chambray for so long, and this dress was the perfect reason to finally do it! Plus, it's so lightweight - perfect for summer (see, I'm just a broken record over here, ha!) and the 4th of July! She wore it to a hometown parade a few weeks ago... it was so hot out, but this dress kept her cool (well, as cool as you can be while running after candy and just loving life at a parade!)

We took pictures at a local park and hiking trail - I took pictures of the batik dress first, so by the time we were ready for this dress, so was a little less excited for the photo shoot. 

But, I still hope the pictures convey a fun and comfy addition to any summer wardrobe. Seriously - I plan on making her one of these every year from now on ;)


Friday, July 1, 2016

Peekaboo Patterns Felicity Testing ~ Blue Border Batik

This was the second version of the Felicity Dress that I made during testing for Peekaboo Pattern Shop.

Fabric: Alison Glass Handcrafted Batik for Andover from a random online fabric store that had a sale last winter... I purchased it after making this dress out of fabric from the same line :)

I went up a size from my first version plus added length, but I cut out the pattern pieces before Amy had updated the bodice. I did do the collar according to the updated instructions.

I love how this one fits! Again, it is such a great summer dress - I will keep sounding like a broken record, but really, I love this pattern :)

I'm pleased with how the stripes matched up - they aren't perfect, but they are close enough! And the white collar pops and the snaps blend it with the polka-dots. Sigh... Love this fabric! (And this is surprising coming from a girl who had vowed not to sew with batiks anymore! But, this batik is a little higher quality that JoAnns, plus a microtex needle really does go a long way to sewing batiks nicely!)

She is now ready for church, 4th of July, a wedding (I'm sad we don't have one this summer... this dress would be perfect to wear to one!)... really, she could wear this any day, and I'd be happy ;)