Tuesday, June 30, 2015

JT at 2 Months {Update}

Quick, before June ends! Here's James' 2 month update...

He had a doctor's appointment at 6 weeks, where he weighed 10+ pounds and had jumped 2 percentiles in height. We then started him on reflux meds... he doesn't spit up (maybe 3 times a week) but he is a pretty fussy little boy, and we can see when he does "reflux" but then we watch as he swallows it back down (meaning the acid is hitting his throat twice). E also had some reflux issues, but we only kept her on meds for about a week. We can tell that James has increased the amount of time being content, but he still gets pretty fussy throughout the day. He especially hates his carseat. This makes going out and about difficult on my nerves! It would be one thing to have him screaming in his carseat if I knew that I could easily calm him down just by holding him upon arrival, but no, it takes a lot of bouncing and holding and patting and white noise for him to calm down in my arms. 

With that "fun" info out of the way, here is our first family picture! We went to a family wedding about 4 hours away. (You can imagine what that car ride was like since he barely slept).

 I love his faces!! It is easy to coax a smile out of him when he's content and he can see your face and hear your voice. He has even started "coo-ing" and there's a hint of a chuckle, but he hasn't quite laughed yet. 

 He's a strong boy and likes to have help sitting up so he can look around. E still loves her little brother, as long as she gets enough playing time with Mommy or Daddy :) The glasses in the first picture was her idea!

We were blessed with a baby shower from the church ladies. Something that I definitely didn't expect, but was thoroughly appreciated! 

  • He's still in 0-3 month clothes, but I'm sure he'll be ready for 3-6 after his next growth spurt. 
  • We will soon switch to size 2 diapers as well. 
  • We can help him grab toys, but he doesn't realize that he's holding something fun. 
  • He calms down with rocking and white noise. 
  • I looooove it when his long afternoon nap overlaps with his sister's. 
  • I can usually get him to take 1-3 naps by himself in the crib, otherwise he naps on me or Dan. 
  • He sleeps in the pack-n-play at the foot of our bed at night, and usually wakes up once to eat during the night. 


  1. What a cutie! They grow and change so quickly. My new grandson will be 4 weeks tomorrow already.

  2. Such a cutie! Hope he outgrows the car ride issue as I am sure that is not fun.