Monday, June 15, 2015

Wedding Reminiscing [Pics at Home]

It's anniversary month! 

Here's a few shots from right after the ceremony...

What wedding wouldn't be complete without some car decorating?? We decided to skip the limo/party bus and just drive our own vehicles from the church to the reception (25miles apart). We also had a stop along the way... at my parents' house!

We decided to do our outside pictures at my parents' house which is in-between the church and the reception, so it worked out really well to do these pictures after the ceremony. Our only worry was that we didn't want to keep our guests waiting too long at the reception, so we tried to make this stop relatively quick. Above you see the outhouse that is now a garden shed and my old playhouse.

The playhouse has special meaning to it, as that is where Dan had proposed 6.5 months before. (My dad built the playhouse when I was still in elementary school... you can read the full proposal story here.)

We took a few pictures out in the long grass... and hoped that ticks stayed away!

And one last shot... from the old swing set :)

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