Monday, June 29, 2015

Wedding Reminiscing [Cake!]

It's anniversary month! 

Oops, here I thought I was done reminiscing with the previous post about the reception, but here is one last post: it's cake time :)

(Thanks for putting up with all my reminiscing this month... I've had fun revisiting the pictures and remembering all the fun details!)

My mom and dad had a square wedding cake, so I had always dreamed of having a square cake, too. Besides, they are easier to cut, right?

The pictures are of a few greats and grands in their wedding attire. If you remember, you saw a few more pictures on the gift table. Doilies finish the table, along with borrowed cake serving pieces from my cousin. The cake topper is a gold cross that now hangs on the wall in our bedroom.

Close family members cut the cake... 
and even closer family gathered after one of my showers to help make mints - purple roses and green leaves. 
I don't have a picture, but each plate of cake had a swirl of chocolate syrup under the cake and a few mints on the side.

Here we are handing out the cake. The entire wedding party helped hand out the cake to our guests. The second picture is from my brother's wedding - the wedding party handed out the cake then too... and you guessed it... every since then, I knew that my wedding party would also be doing that! It's a great way to mingle with the guests :)

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