Monday, June 8, 2015

Wedding Reminiscing [That Morning]

It's anniversary month! 

Let's travel back 4 years to the morning of the big day...

When the girl who took these pictures was married, my friends/roomies/teammates started a tradition. We went for a run together on her wedding morning. It was no different on June 11th, four years ago. After a fun night of rehearsals and catching up with family, I woke up early with my girls and we went for a run... a few miles around the town. The fun thing with my wedding is that I grew up 20 miles away from our college town, so we were able to reminisce back to our college running days while running in celebration of my upcoming vows.

Twenty miles away at my parents' house, Dan gathered with his groomsmen, my dad and my uncle (who was staying at my parents' house). They got out targets and guns and had a fun time...
Growing up in the country certainly has its perks! (Lots of space and the neighbors aren't close enough to care about gunshots!)

After my run, I showered and headed over to the hotel where one of my cousins was staying. She works in a salon in the Cities, and I was lucky enough that she agreed do my hair and make-up! (I could really go for a nice cut and color from her right now, but now that we all have kids, the times that we actually get together are too busy for hair care! Guess I need to find someone I trust here in town... Sigh!)

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  1. What a fun tradition! You were a beautiful bride.