Friday, October 9, 2015

Pocket Full of Posies for Miss K

Miss K is turning 3 tomorrow! Happy Early Birthday! 

And so, for my niece's third birthday, I made her a skirt... she is also getting some paint markers, a book and a shirt that I stenciled (but forgot to take a picture of it!).

Fabric: Pink Cotton/Lycra - local fabric store, Purple (interlock?) - Hancock Fabrics, Black Flowers Scuba Knit - Clearance from Girl Charlie (out of stock now)

Doll skirt for "Baby" was roughly made using the same pattern with a little modification. It fits E's dolly that is about the same size as "Baby," so I'm crossing my fingers! I'm also crossing my fingers that the skirt fits Miss K. I had her measurements from making the matching cousin pajamas, and the skirt fits E, so I'm pretty hopeful :)

E was actually really good about me making this skirt for K. She would ask who it was for and when I said that is was a birthday present for K, she would sometime ask where hers was... she never whined about me not making her one, though, so I was pretty happy about that :) I am actually making her a similar skirt with the scuba knit and pink cotton/lycra... but instead of purple pockets, she'll have Minnie Mouse pockets (I just picked up the Minnie fabric this week... I have a whole pile of items to sew for E now that will have splashes of Minnie on it!)

Anyways, the birthday party isn't until Tuesday, and I am so excited about her gift. I really hope she likes it! We continue to pray for the adoption process... hopefully by Christmas she will be my niece for good! :)

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