Thursday, December 3, 2015

Beauty Sleep PJs

There's a new Pajamas pattern in the interwebs... The Beauty Sleep PJs! 

Amy from Peek-a-boo Patterns has finally produced a woman's pattern that matches her ever-popular "Alex & Anna Winter Pajamas" for boys and girls.

I was looking forward to this pattern ever since Amy announced that it was in the works. I even sewed up Evelyn a matching pair in anticipation of the pattern release. But, luckily, I was chosen to test the pattern and was able to sew up this cozy, matching set a few weeks ago :)

This was my first experience testing a pattern - where a pattern designer chooses a small number of seamstresses to try the pattern and give feedback prior to releasing it to the masses. My job was to sew up a practice pair, provide feedback on the fit, instruction and ease of use. Then, I sewed up another pair with a few changes to improve fit and took pictures in it that the designer can then use to promote the pattern.

I truly love these pajamas and look forward to making many more! They are so comfortable and the fit is perfect. I also love that I can make matching pajamas for both Evelyn and James - I'm thinking Christmas pajamas for us next year! This fabric was purchased from Mel at Purpleseamstress Fabric on Facebook. The black is a wonderful solid cotton/lycra that she stocks continuously but you'd have to ask Mel directly if she has any more of the patterned fabric.

The pattern released today (Dec 3, 2015)... go, find it and start sewing :)
Beauty Sleep PJs

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  1. Great job with the PJ's. I'm sure you both will get a lot of use out of them. I've done quite a bit of pattern testing and I'm sure garments are a bit more difficult.