Monday, March 3, 2014

March Goal - ALYOF

 My ALYOF goal for March is to take this quilt top that was pieced by my Grandma and to finish it... I hope to tie it, then bind it with the backing. Or I might burp it then tie it. Who knows, maybe I'll even do some random quilty lines on the machine before binding it. You'll just have to wait and see what happens! Grandma used to make quilt tops for the church donation quilts and Easter quilts for family members but has since had to give up the sewing machine. Since then, I have taken a few tops off her hands. I love looking at all the different fabrics. Most of the fabrics are scraps from making clothing for my mom and my aunt. Actually, Mom thinks she took apart some of those pieces of clothing to use the fabric. I'll get a picture of the entire quilt when it's finished!

Winter on the farm. 
Feeding Cows.
Hauling Grain.

That's all for now. Have a lovely day!


  1. How nice that you finish your Grandma's quilts. As a first generation quilter in my family, I have never had treasured, unfinished tops handed down through generations. I have to ask ... what does "burp it" mean? I have never tied a quilt. Does it have something to do with the process of tying?
    May you soon have warm weather and spring babies on your farm. It is still winter here, too. I am more than ready for a little spring ... :) Pat

  2. A scrappy top, looks like. Your blog title drew me in. Soon the froggies will be chirping, here, too. Meanwhile, looks like lots of winter chores. Baby calves yet? They are showing up here, and they are so little and furry. I have not heard of burping a quilt, either. I can only guess... It will be fun to see your finish.