Thursday, March 13, 2014

One Month to Go! {11 Months Post}

This little wiggle worm is getting harder and harder to photograph! I'm glad I only have one more month to photograph in this position! Evelyn will be ONE in under a month! Yay!

Little busy body is becoming a bit of a cuddle bug... well, not all the time. She still likes to push herself away from you and look out, but when she's happy or tired she will put her head on your shoulder for a split second :) She also likes to put her head on pillows (don't worry, not in her crib). But she will put her head down on a throw pillow, smile and then lift her head up and giggle. So cute.

Naps are difficult. Especially since I held her for several naps during her two day stint of fever earlier this week. We assume the fever was from teething (probably a molar), since she still had a good appetite and we could distract her sometimes with toys.

She is getting better at eating. She still feeds herself, but she will happily open her mouth if you put her something near it - she will even taste something on a fork or spoon! She isn't a huge fan of marinara, but she loves alfredo. She will also eat chucks of meat - she especially likes ham and chicken. Strawberries are also a favorite!

She has taken a few steps (up to 3) by herself between furniture and my arms. Her few days of fever stopped these steps, but since then she has started to try again. She still gets nervous and then drops to the floor after trying to reach for my hands. Her smile after taking those few steps is priceless.

We're still doing cloth diapers during the day and disposables at night and during days out.

She still loves music and snacks and silly faces. Sometimes she gets in moods where she won't smile/laugh when you're trying to get one out, but she'll have little burst of giggles at random other things. She definitely has her poker face down during those moods, haha!

She's wearing 12 month clothes, with a few 18 month clothes mixed in.

We are not planning a big birthday party. We'll probably have two small celebrations - one with Dan's family, and one with mine. If we had our own house, we'd have everybody at once, and I know my mother-in-law would love to have everyone down here... but my brother's wife will be very close to her due date and I think it will just be easier to go out to eat somewhere in the "city" with them. My family never got together with the entire family for birthdays - you know with grandparents and aunts and uncles, so Dan and I will have some decisions to make as to how we will celebrate birthdays once we have our own house :)

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