Thursday, February 27, 2014

Evelyn Casual Update ~ 10 Months

Enjoying the outdoors... we enjoyed a few warm days a few weeks ago!
Grandma and Grandpa are going on a 3-week trip soon... Evelyn wanted to practice being a stowaway ;)

She enjoyed antiquing with Mommy. Daddy just had to carry her around and make sure that her "tick" arms wouldn't grab anything (we call them her "tick" hands because she swings them around hoping to grasp something to hold onto... just like a tick waits on a piece of grass waiting to grasp our legs!)
We enjoyed a trip to the other grandparents' house where she read with Grandpa and did dishes with Grandma!

She does play by herself pretty well, as long as she is well-rested and there are no distractions (someone walking by or hearing someone talk in another room). Here she is playing with toys in the upstairs toy area, playing with my scraps, reaching for Uncle Adam's TV and finding Grandpa Quail's pop stash :)

She needed water-ed down prune juice to "loosen" her up a bit. She loves snack time... popcorn, prunes, Gerber's "Lil' Cruchies", Cheerios, etc, etc :)

This teacher and bookworm love seeing her daughter enjoy books!

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  1. You have a beautiful little girl. Enjoy every minute ... <3