Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Farm Baby Bib {Take 1}

I hinted to this project in this post, and I finished them soon after... but taking pictures took me awhile! Especially since 3 out of the 4 I made were sent to friends' new babies soon after they were finished - no time to take pictures with those! This last one has since been gifted out as well (to my brother's wife... baby shower was a few weeks ago! Baby Boy Q should be arriving in April sometime!!).

These bibs are one of the easiest I have ever made... and I've tried lots of different types of bibs. Plus, it was fun to tell my sister-in-law that these were from the "country cousin" of Evelyn :)

I hope to work up a semi-tutorial for these the next time I can fit these in my to-sew line-up... someday!


  1. This is a very awesome idea! The bib was perfectly done and it looks great. Nice Job!