Friday, March 14, 2014

Casual Update ~ Evelyn is 11 months old...

Not as many "casual" pictures this month... guess we didn't do anything too exciting!

Valentine's Day was spent at home, but I still dressed her up in a little pink, ruffly dress with custom leggings (from JoAnn's knee-high socks). She even wore the bow for most of the day!
The pink boots were a gift from my aunt and uncle (Evelyn actually shares a birthday with that uncle). We took her to Menards with the booties on, and she received plenty of compliments :)
The bonnet was in a box of things from Dan's Grandma. They are still clearing out a family basement, meaning that there are lots of boxes to look through. Many items end up at Goodwill, but I'm definitely doing my share of saving items! This bonnet is one of them. It's a replica; I think it is from when South Dakota celebrated its centennial in 1989.
She is almost walking by herself, but she still prefers/requires objects that wheel or slide across the floor or someone's finger. We'll have a walking little girl here soon though (hmm... I guess that means we need some shoes for the outdoors!).

She likes TV (don't worry, it's not on constantly).
And she loves snacks. Seriously, she may be a slow eater most of the time, but she does love to stuff her face with the good stuff! She will gladly pick up a handful of these little snack-things and then stick them all in her mouth. She once took a prune, stuck the entire thing in her mouth, and then proceeded to try to fit a few peas in her mouth along with it. It's a good thing she's a good chewer, or I'm sure she'd gag more often (she rarely gags anymore... maybe once or twice a week).

So, a short but sweet post... these posts are still helpful in keeping the memories alive of our little girl growing up. Thanks for putting up with these updates! Once she turns one next month, these updates will be less frequent :)

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