Monday, February 3, 2014

February Goals

My friend's little boy, Peter, arrived about a week early... time to get this quilt done! 

February goal: border, baste, quilt and bind :)

I have recently found the best way for me to be productive with little Evelyn underfoot... prep at night after she goes to bed, and sew during the day - either while she's playing by herself nearby or taking a nap. Prep work usually means cutting, ironing and pinning - all things that require movement and action - all things that entice little Evelyn to come check out what Mommy's doing instead of playing with her own toys. But, if I just am sitting at the desk and sewing, sewing, sewing, I can usually get quite a bit done with her in the same room as me. Yay!

You can see here a nice pile of small projects ready for me to swipe through the machine... baby leggings, baby bibs, burp cloths and quilt bindings. That top bib was one of Evelyn's cousins' bibs when they were younger and I recently copied it and made 4 bibs for gifts. I'll have to take a picture of one to show you before I package it up!


  1. The bibs are super cute. I do a lot of my prep work during my lunch hour, so I can be productive sewing at home.

  2. I always wonder how young mothers find the time to quilt because it's such a time consuming hobby. I see your organizational strategy makes the most of the time you can devote quilting. Well done. Good luck on your finish.