Thursday, May 1, 2014

Birthday Presents(!)

Yikes, here we are just finishing up celebrating Evelyn's birthday and I'm just now posting about a few of the gifts I received (my birthday was way back in January).

Several of my gifts will be highlighted later, when I have a house and a place for then... but for now, here is a little vintage-y, fabric-y and foreign-y goodness :)

My sister-in-law went antiquing to find me this first gift! It's a FireKing jadeite mixing bowl and it's been on my  list forever. I've seen them frequently, but I've just never allowed myself to buy one.

Now I have one! It was so thoughtful of her to take the time to search and buy it for me. I cannot wait to use it!!

Sticking with the Jadeite theme... these were purchased on Ebay as a gift from Dan. He came up with the idea (I'm always drooling over Fire-King Jadeite), and I was more than happy to "help him" find my birthday present :)

I was able to buy four of them, and adding them to the one we already own, we now have 5! According to my mom, they are too nice to use for everyday. Hmm... I'm more of the mindset that they are too fun not to use for everyday!

These came all the way from New Zealand! Dan's sister and her husband are living down there for two years. The hat will be perfect for going rummage saling and just hanging out at the lake, and I'm sure the slipper-socks will be used a lot next winter!

Admittedly, these two pieces of lovliness weren't for my birthday. My inlaws recently returned from visiting the afor mention "foreigners" and this fabric (along with the beautiful coasters below), were gifts from the travelers.

I definitely have to come up with the perfect project for them... They are way to pretty not to use them!

Here are the pretty coasters! My sister-in-law and I decided to do halvsies... we split our sets so we could have two designs instead of just one. They make me smile :)

Like I said, there are more fun pieces I hope to show you in the future. All I can say is that I am surrounded by amazing family! They are a blessing in my life :) Thank you to all!

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