Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Glimpses of a South Dakota Spring

 Butterflies are starting to show up! I saw this one and a yellow tiger swallowtail butterfly on the same day. Little Miss Swallowtail wouldn't sit long enough for a picture, but this Mr. Red Admiral decided to pose for a photo shoot while hanging out on the garage wall.

 The pink flowering crab apple tree is almost in full bloom. I always love the smell of crab apple blossoms!

More crab apple blossoms, a few apple flowers and one fern peony... the fern peonies are almost blooming! They are one of my most favorite flowers :)

 Not to overwhelm you with springtime flowers... here's another common site of Spring... farming equipment! We are completely done with planting corn, so now it's the soybean's turn! Above you can see a sprayer getting ready to go spread some chemical for weed control on a first year no-till field.

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  1. Love the sights and thoughts of spring. Maybe it will get here one day soon.