Monday, May 5, 2014

May Goal {ALYOF}

My official ALYOF May goal is to finishing binding this Christmas tree skirt. The binding is already attached and just waiting for me to finish hand-stitching it to the back. 

This will be a gift for a wedding at the end of the month!

The binding roll in the picture is actually for another tree skirt that I need done by the end of May (yup, two weddings at the end of May - one on a Wednesday and the other on the following Saturday!). However, it is not a part of my official goal, since I'm still waiting for the skirt to return from the quilters. I hope she finishes it soon!!! I know, I know, I can always mail the gift afterwards, but it would be so nice to have it ready for the wedding...

 I also have a baby shower gift to prepare (the baby quilt is done... I'll share it soon, but I need to make a few burp rags to go with it!). The shower is the Saturday before the wedding week. Just call me the crazy schedule lady for the month of May!

And... I'll leave you with a quick shot of the Big E :)

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  1. Loving that binding! A tree skirt is a really nice wedding gift idea.