Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cutting it Close {April Goals Reached}

I made it! I was getting nervous, but I finished them a the last moment :) 
My goal was to finish two of these "Monikered Baby Bags," but I actually finished three of them! 

No tutorial yet, but maybe once my list of need-to-sew quiets down, I'll take the time to take pictures along the way. Don't worry, I have plenty of friends having babies in the near future, so you know I'll have plenty of chances to finally write down the guidelines for this fun, personalized bag!

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This bag actually isn't for a baby. The recipient was recently upgraded to big brother (his sister's bag is below), and I didn't make him a bag when he was born... it was time that he received one! It should be a great church activity bag for the almost-3-year-old. I hope he enjoys this bag that is all his own!

 Most of this fabric was from a Fabricworm giveaway win a few years ago (I can't remember the name, but I believe they recently reprinted it). I was happy to have a good use for it finally! The rest of the fat quarters have been finally cut up into charms. They have been great additions to my I-spy quilts :)

This little man was born earlier this year (remember his quilt that I made and blogged about here?). His mom was a teammate of mine in college, so I chose to use good ol' blue and yellow (go Jackrabbits!).

These fabrics were all from my mom's baby bag fabric stash. 
I'll finally get to meet the little fellow at the end of May, so I'll give this gift to him then.

 Here is the first girl's bag that I've made by myself and blogged about. The only change from a boy's bag is that the band around the name panel is a ruffle instead of just a simple fold. Some of this fabric is from an older Lizzy House fabric line. I chose brown accent fabrics from my stash that were probably from the JoAnn remnant bin :)

 I'll get hers and her brother's bags in the mail soon. 
She was born in March, so it's about time I get a gift to them!

In non-sewing news... the boys started planting! They were able to plant all last week, and they're almost done with corn. 
I'll be excited with the green plants start popping up. The brown fields just aren't very pretty ;)


  1. Just love your bags....especially with the names

  2. Wonderful bags of creative bliss. Love all the pockets and personalization. Fabulous.