Thursday, April 24, 2014

Evelyn's Birthday Celebrations

When Evelyn's birthday came around, we had several small celebrations. I prefer keeping birthdays low-key, so these little get-togethers were fitting for her first birthday.

On Saturday we went out to eat with my family and then had cake at my brother's house.

Sunday was one of our nice South Dakota Spring days...

 Spring here is unpredictable, so we need to enjoy the nice ones as they come. To do so, we took a nice walk around Dan's grandparents' neighborhood.

Evelyn's great-grandpa (Dan's grandpa) has a birthday a few days before her, so we had fun celebrating both of their birthdays together.

 Evelyn still is learning how to "blow" out candles... we'll work on it some more ;)

On her actual birthday, she opened a few more presents at breakfast in her birthday chair (just a balloon tied to her high chair). Her favorite gift by far was her little red wagon! She has just loves that thing... she loves being outdoors!

We'll leave you with a cake picture... because what kind of birthday post would this be without a cake picture?? :)

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