Monday, April 21, 2014

Evelyn Update {Picture Overload}

Just a picture update of Evelyn's last month.... Don't worry, now that Evelyn has reached the one year milestone, these picture updates will come a lot less frequently :)

Spending some time with my parents, including toy time with Grandpa and piano lessons with Grandma.

We took Great-Grandpa out for a late Christmas gift meal. Evelyn got to spend some time with her cousins, plus she had her first experience on a mechanical ride... one of those kiddie carousels. She seemed to enjoy it.

She loves, loves, loves being outside. We check the cows at least once a day! She will dig through piles of clothes, digging up either a hat or a jacket, and then she will lift it up to me as if to say, "put this on me, Mom, so we can go OUTSIDE!!!"

 More evidence of Evelyn's love of outdoors. There is a door in the kitchen where she will eat snacks and look outside. Usually there is a kitty out there to look at! We have video of her first time "driving" the tractor. She even reached for the shifter and was turning the wheel :)

More calves and more cousins...

The big girl got a new big-girl carseat... in that carseat she has started playing with her feet more than she ever has before. She loves books - even if it's mainly just pulling them off the shelves and flipping through them quick, quick, quickly. Climbing! She has started to take after her dad and enjoys climbing! Her early birthday present was a volleyball and play ball. We have enjoyed chasing after the ball together :)

Snack time! Yogurt and apples... and cheese and baby puffs... yum, yum, yum.

At my parents' place, Evelyn made a new friend... my American Girl Kirsten doll. It was the most I have ever seen her interact with a doll in awhile. She was petting her hair and smiling :) She is so proud of herself when she climbs into the rocking chair. It's one of her favorite places to sit. Dan's parents were gone for several weeks on vacation, so I introduced Evelyn to crayons. She mainly just dropped them on the paper, which made specks. She did make a few sweeping motions, too. We'll keep practicing :)

Evelyn's first tractor wheel picture! There she is playing with the barn that I grew up with. And finally, she was helping Daddy put together a bike rack.

Memories enjoyed. Memories preserved.

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  1. Great pictures! It's so fun to capture the memories.