Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My First I-Spy Quilt

I finished another quilt that I've been thinking about for awhile!

I've always loved the idea of I-spy quilts for toddlers and kids. When I finally went through my scraps and organized them by cutting them into specific sizes, I knew that I could start sewing a few I-Spy quilts up. I used my usual "pattern;" a 6x8 layout of 5" charms, 4" border and 2.5" binding.

I love how it turned out! Some of the charms have objects, others are color specific to help with color recognition and some are geometric to help with identifying stripes, circles, squares, etc.

This quilt is destined for my parents' lake cabin. Evelyn already enjoys sitting on it. As soon as I lay it out on the ground, she hurriedly crawls/walks over and sits right in the middle. She seems to enjoy the back more now. I used an alphabet panel with a Mary Engelbreit beach fabric as a border on the back. Both were purchased on Instagram (#thegreatfabricdestash) for this specific purpose :) I bought the front border special as well (also Instagram). It is perfect for an I-Spy quilt as it has wagons, houses, bikes, and dogs on it. Since finishing this quilt, I used the rest of the fabric on another baby I-Spy quilt for an upcoming baby shower. I'll be sure to show it after the shower!

Evelyn will enjoy sharing it with her cousins! I cannot wait for summer days at the lake cabin! 

Until then, we'll just keep checking the cattle. I am not jealous of this very pregnant cow!!!

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  1. Very cute quilt! I might have to try making one! ;) -Brittany