Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Evelyn ~ 12 Months

Evelyn recently turned ONE! 

It's been a whirlwind of a year, but it's been a wonderful year as well :)

  • She is recently walking more than crawling, although she's still unsteady when wearing shoes outside and on uneven ground. She gets better every day!
  • She loves to eat. Cheese is a definite favorite. 
  • Naptimes are easier to come by - we read a story, we sing a song and we set her in the crib. Sometimes she falls asleep quickly. Sometimes she whines for an hour (if I leave the room, she screams). It's always an adventure.
  • She likes to climb. The rocking chair in the above picture is one of her favorite things to climb on.
  • She babbles but no specific words. 
  • She hums while eating. It's quite entertaining :)
  • Cloth diapers when we're home during the day. Size 5 disposables at night and while we're out and about.
  • She wants to be outside all the time - she will dig through a pile until she finds her hat or jacket and hand it to me, knowing that's what she wears outside.
  • She likes to mimic us when we nod or shake our head.
  • Putting objects inside other things (bucket, tub, baskets) is a favorite past time. I'm just waiting for the moment I walk in and there is something in the toilet... I've already stopped her from putting an entire roll of toilet paper in one!
  • Her hair is getting longer... curls in the back. I can easily clip bows in her hair, but I haven't yet tried a ponytail/pigtails.

She is our little sunshine - her smile lights up the room!


  1. Evelyn is adorable.

  2. She's so cute! It's fun to see how they develop over such a short period of time.