Friday, November 29, 2013

Wish List

You know what my favorite part of writing Christmas Lists is? 

The fact that they don't have to be practical!

I keep an ongoing Christmas list on my computer that I can easily update and keep track of my dream items throughout the year. 

It's true... I work on my list year round :) 

It is so much fun to dream about items that I would never splurge on myself... that's how Christmas lists should be... full of fun items that you don't need and could never break down to buy for yourself!

Now remember, *fun* is a subjective adjective!! Not every item on my list is desired by the masses. For instance: a double boiler. Not exactly the most exciting new kitchen gadget! However, it is something that I would enjoy using yet not something I need to survive :)

To participate in a giveaway, I recently enjoyed browsing Connecting Thread's website and creating a wishlist with my favorite finds. The total is already over $300! Do I need any of the items on my list? Nope. Is it fun to dream anyway?! Yup!

Maybe that is part of the allure of writing wishlists... there is an excitement to the dreaming - dreaming of the items or projects and dreaming of the time to create those projects. (Also a major part of why I love Pinterest so much!) 

**I hope this post hasn't made me sound greedy. I promise you, I am perfectly content right now. I don't need anything. I have my family and friends, a roof over my head, food on the table and a Savior who loves me.

But being content doesn't mean you have to stop dreaming :)

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