Thursday, November 7, 2013

Church Quilting on a Saturday

One of the churches that my in-laws attend had a quilting day one Saturday. They only have these maybe twice a year, but it was a fun time. There were even a few first-timers there! We did a disappearing 9-patch pattern, and one of the ladies will quilt it on her long-arm machine. (I can't remember where the quilt will be donated, sorry!). 

 One of the sewing tables...

Isn't she a beauty?

Cutting, cutting, cutting!

 Where'd the 9-patch go? :)

 I was mainly sewing strips together. You can see Evelyn's play area near my chair.

Although, as usual, she didn't last long playing by herself. Here's Grandma showing her multitasking skills!

Well, the quilt might not have turned out exactly how the organizers had planned, but you can't expect perfection when you have ladies ironing, cutting and sewing who might not have a lot of experience (or any experience!). I think the main problem was that we weren't squaring up the blocks, which caused a lot of grief when we were sewing the blocks into rows and then the rows into the top. But it was certainly a fun morning of fellowship! And the quilt will be loved regardless of its imperfections :)

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  1. It is difficult to get accuracy when you have a lot of women sewing together. It is one of the things I teach most often, move the needle to get a better 1/4", even using a 1/4" foot. Everyone has their own "1/4" and when put together, it's a nightmare. That's why it is hard to do friendship quilts that do not have sashing, because trying to get all the blocks the same size is near impossible.