Friday, November 8, 2013

Corn Harvest 2013

 Corn harvest is almost done! There was sooo much corn out in the fields, and it took us several weeks, but we are finally down to the last 60 acres!

 But before we could get those 60 acres out, snow happened. We only got a few inches, so we are thankful for that. The snow came in half a day, and a few days later, it's almost all melted away already.
Wednesday morning was so beautiful, with the snow glistening with the rising sun, that I just had to run outside and snap a few shots.

 Pretty soon all of the fields will be empty and the machinery will be stowed away.

Snow will be a regular occurrence and this girl will enjoy more bundle up walks in the snow!

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  1. Love all your farm photos!! But the sweetie at the end really steals the show!!! :)