Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Baby Sewing!

This picture heavy post will highlight a few baby projects I sewed up last month. 

I didn't waste any time cutting into the Lizzy House fabrics I ordered with a giveaway prize gift certificate from Pink Chalk Fabrics. I pretty much whipped this skirt up one afternoon before heading to a volleyball game in town (Evelyn wasn't too happy that I was scrambling to finish the skirt while she was stuck playing by herself on the floor). Dan's happy since the colors are also of his precious Vikings (I'm a Packers fan... but I try to be fair to Dan!). The lining is a chevron flannel from JoAnns. I promise to get a picture up of Evelyn actually wearing it soon!

I was able to meet up with a college friend a few weeks ago. She is due with a baby boy in January! I just happened to find my plain cloth diapers that I use for burp cloths the night before our shopping date, so it's a good thing these are quick projects! I plan to make a few more things for this special baby boy soon :)

A cousin and a high school friend both gave birth to sweet little girls earlier this summer/fall, so it was about time I sent them their gifts (leggings, burp cloths and bibs)! I had two extra leggings that I had bought still in their packaging and then I sewed two more sets with knee-high socks I found on clearance at JcPenny's. The burp cloths are just flannel and terry cloth (obviously I made these before I found those cloth diapers I mentioned above!). This was the first time making burp cloths like this, and it wasn't too scary. I still prefer my cloth diapers, but in a pinch, this pattern will also work.

Finally, I experimented with some bib making with my leftover scrappy hexies from making Evelyn her skirt for the Hexi-Blog Hop this summer. I made two different types... one where I used the burping method (I just picked up on this vocabulary from Moneik!) and then one where I quilted and used store-bought binding. One bib has velcro, while the other three have snaps.

 This was actually the first time I used a snap that I didn't have to sew it on. Why haven't I tried these sooner! So much quicker!!! Oh, and I couldn't resist saving one of the bibs for my own little girl :)

 Here's a bit of a close up of the hexies and the vintage binding I finally got to use :)

 Cute, right!? 
(She's on the verge of reaching for my camera strap or my phone or whatever was on the floor at this time. She's always on the go, go go!)

Ok, sorry for the lengthy post. I wish I could blog about the projects sooner - like as soon as I finish them - but living out of boxes and dealing with a teething-almost-7-month old and having my sewing area in the basement without good picture-lighting leaves me blogging lengthy catch-up posts. Thanks for reading anyways!

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  1. Those projects are awesome! Too funny about the burping on a bib, but they are super cute.