Thursday, November 14, 2013

7 month Ramblings...

Last week, Evelyn passed her 7th month mark... here's what she's been up to!

  • Up, up and up! If she can pull herself up on something, she'll find it. This bookshelf is around and behind a couch, but she found it! And now, it's one of her favorite places to be. I like to think it's because she loves book, but really, she just wants to feel like a big girl and pull herself up. 
  • The first place she ever starting moving upwards was on her changing table in the bathroom. Even weeks later, it's still cheap entertainment for when Mommy needs to do her -ahem- business. 
  • You can see in the top picture that she's up on her feetsies... you'd think it would be easier just to stay on her knees while playing with her bouncy chair, but nope... that's not good enough. Little E needs to be on her feet.
Smiles. AND TEETH! This past month she gained 4 pearly whites on the top. This brings the total to 6. Three of them poked through during the same week... let's just say that she earned a new nickname (lil' monster). She is also earning those monstery stripes this past week... we're both fighting colds (and the time change is still affecting us), so she has not been sleeping well...

  • We spent one weekend up with my parents - look at us being all helpful in the garden with Grandpa! Ok, really, she is just enjoying some more crunchy leaves. But I'd like to think we were helpful in the same way that being entertaining is helpful :)
  • I made her a bow to match a dress for family pictures (you'll see those pictures around Christmas time).
  • We had a shopping day with one of my college friends/teammates. E had her first experience strapped in the kid's seat of the Target shopping cart. I can't decide if I want to make/buy a shopping seat cover. Do you think it's necessary?
  • Ev's second cousin came over for a play date. He's about 8 months older that she is, so she had someone to push her around in the walker!
  • We said "see-you-later" to Evelyn's aunt and uncle this past month... they're off to New Zealand for two years. But before they left, E got one last piano lesson with Auntie Amy :) 

Her formal monthly pictures will be posted soon, too! Sorry there hasn't been many project posts lately. I'm squeezing in some sewing here and there, but limited time (lil monster!) and limited quality light in my sewing area hasn't really motivated me to blog about my two current projects! Hopefully soonish...

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  1. The pictures are so cute. Mathew is standing and walking with help, but not on his own yet. I feel the same way about some of my projects. I can see progress, but no one else can. My sewing time has been limited too. I have never had one of the shopping seat covers, but I also pretty relaxed when it comes to germs and figure they will be stronger for them, which they are. My kids are very rarely sick. Plus I would forget it in the car or it would be just another bulky thing to carry.