Monday, November 18, 2013

The Formal 7 Month Post

 I'll get a comparison collage posted one of these months. But, she's growing up... and since there were no shots this month to make her cranky, I could actually try to get a little photo shoot done. 

(Side note: I would love to hire a baby photographer, and I am jealous of all the cute newborn/6month/1year baby pictures I see on Facebook and Pinterest... but sometimes I am just too cheap  -  actually it's the same feeling I get when I want to buy clothes for myself... but that's a post for another day - so, we make due with a home photo shoot). 

Evelyn went through three dress changes, I had to rearrange my mother-in-law's sitting room to try to get the best lighting, and the Canon Rebel took about 100 pictures. I think I liked maybe 10 of them - and they're all of the same dress, but that's 10 more pictures than I had before the shoot :)

The Digital Baby Book Portion...

  • She's becoming a very fast crawler.
  • She has 6 teeth now.
  • Her hair is coming in nicely! 
  • She's pulling herself up on to her knees and staying steady... she's a bit wobbly when she gets onto her feet, but she can do it.
  • Her favorite things to pull herself up on are the changing table, a small rocking chair, the first step on the stairs, low drawer handles, a bookshelf our legs (when she's tired of crawling and wants to be held... again).
  • She loves to be held in the standing position... and she loves it even more when we walk her around while just holding her hands. Her grin is priceless! 
  • She was loving her foods - avocado and squash were favorites. Carrots, peas, applesauce and oatmeal were not favorites. She loved bananas in her oatmeal, but the next day she had a body rash, so we haven't tried bananas since. We'll try again soon and watch for the rash. The last week or so, however, she has not been eating solids as well... I think it's because of her cold. Hopefully she'll start liking them again soon!
  • She has learned to love splashing around in the tub.
  • She's a babbler most of the time, but sometimes she can be content in her high chair and just sit there quietly.
  • Peek-a-boo is a favorite game.
  • She is starting to like stuffed animals... and not just for chew toys! When I tickle her nose and cheek with their fuzziness, she giggles and then wants to play with them herself.
  • She is becoming quite the adventurer. No need for Mommy to be with her, she'll just go crawling away into other rooms. Baby gates and closed doors are becoming necessary. She's been eying the stairs, too, so I suppose that might be next.
  • Cloth diapers are going really well! Disposables still at night. I'm going to need to replace the elastic in a few of my pocket diapers' leg holes. This is a common action with them and something I worried about before I bought the BumGenius pockets used. But I figured, I would still save money from having to buy them new! They are still working fine, but we do get a bit more moisture onto onesies/pants when she wears the diapers that have stretched-out leg holes.
  • Listening to kids' music is still away to cheer her up.
  • She still loves looking at other kiddos... this can be cute in the right setting, but can be quite embarrassing at church when all of a sudden a little boy turns around to look at her and she squeals in delight during a reading!
  • She's a kicker. When we hold her and carry her around, she just kicks away - always, always moving. She'll kick when she's happy, but she also kicks when we're walking... like she's trying to urge us to go faster or something. We just say that she's going to be a runner someday... kick, kick, kick, kick.
  • Let's not talk about her sleep habits, OK? It's exhausting just thinking about it. 
Ok, that's all for now. I need to get some sleep before she wakes up!

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  1. So happy to hear she's growing up (and acting totally normal). We had the same thing happen at mass on Saturday night. The kids were making so much noise! I am also too cheap to have a lot of professional pictures taken. Once a year at JCP and they really didn't turn out that great. I do take a lot myself. Love my digital DSLR camera. The pictures are super cute.