Thursday, September 24, 2015

5 Months! {JT Update}

Our little man is 5 months! 

He just keeps getting happier and happier... he is still not wonderful in the car - we think it's because he gets bored so quickly. He also loves cuddling so much, and that's just not possible while he's in the carseat! While he is able to keep a pacifier in by himself now, he is also able to grab it and pull it out (but he can't put it back in!) which doesn't make him happy. Anyways, we just keep doing lots of cuddling and rocking when he's crabby. Otherwise, he is a very happy and smiley boy ;)

We started foods this past month - mostly oatmeal mixed with breast milk. We also have tried avocado. He tolerates this feeding stage so much better than E did! She never did like being spoonfed, while he doesn't seem to mind it - especially because it means that Mommy is 100% focused on him during it, ha!

He sleeps much better at night now that he's eating solids. Most of the time he sleeps through the night, but he does wake up once every now and then. He is really getting the rolling thing done, but he is pretty lazy so he only does it in his crib when he wakes up from a nap. He does a lot of scooting backwards and he likes to get up on his all fours, but he can't stay on them for long!

Overall, it was a pretty boring month (I'm fine with that!). We did meet another friend. He lives in Arkansas, but I went to college with his mommy who actually grew up near Dan's family. (I made little Beau this and this). These two boys are only a few days apart. Yay friends!

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