Monday, September 28, 2015

Another Month. Another Family Update.

A boring month... but sometimes I like boring months!

We spent two nights over Labor Day weekend at my parents' lake cabin. We all love it there... we even dipped JT's toes in the lake. Of course, he needed to wear his entire swimming get-up just to get his toes wet! We recently purchased a fishing pole for E, since she loves fishing. This pole seemed to entertain her longer than others since there is a removable fishy on the end that she could "catch."

I was able to get some swimming in this trip, too. (See, I told you E loves the lake. She had to share her tube with JT after I told her where we were going that weekend, ha!). My brother found a crawfish on the beach. E wasn't super impressed with it... she just wanted to keep fishing.

Grandma's favorite thing... breakfast on the porch! We also spent one night at Dan's parents' farm, but I forgot to take pictures! 

We took the kids to the Corn Palace Festival one night. E rode the carousel 3 times! 
Breakfast with both kids in my lap made for a challenging bowl of cereal...
E still loves dandelions. We're just glad she doesn't eat them this year!
We had our first date night! One of Dan's former coworkers watched both kids while we went out to eat... and to Menards! 

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  1. How fun that E loves to fish! Something she can enjoy forever and have great childhood memories.

    An occasional date night is a treat when your kiddos are this little. Glad you got to do that.