Thursday, April 23, 2015

Another Eye-Spy Quilt

A third college roommate/teammate recently had her first little one (a boy!). 

In case you lost track, out of a tight-knit group of 7 college friends, four of us had babies within a month of each other - we did not plan this! Out of us 7, there are now 7 future jackrabbits ;)

This baby's gender was revealed earlier in the pregnancy, but I still decided to go with an I-Spy quilt. They are just too fun to create, plus they really do "grow" with the baby even up into the toddler years. I love giving baby presents that are useable for a long time!

The mother grew up on a farm, so I just had to use this perfect panel for the backing! I found it on Instagram's #thegreatfabricdestash last spring. I still have another panel to use on a future project.


  1. Yeah! More Jackrabbits is a good thing! I saw two van loads of Jacks here in Fort Wayne on Tuesday. I'm not sure what they were here for, but I know SDSU plays IPFW (our local college) in basketball, maybe Track, too? Who knows. I didn't know you were on IG. I just found you.

  2. More Jackrabbits - yay! Very cute I spy quilts.

    What sport did you play at State?