Thursday, September 10, 2015

Beau's Bag

Another friend... another baby... another bag! 
Last weekend, Beau and his parents traveled north from their home to visit his grandparents (who live about twenty miles from Dan's parents) so I was able to see my college roommate/teammate and her little Beau! Beau was born a few days before JT, so I'm thankful that her roots keep bringing her back to the Midwest so we can see each other (and our babies)!

Since I finished this bag, I have one more to make before October. I recently found out another running friend is due in February, but that's a few months before I have to worry about picking out fabric ;)

Fabric lowdown: The cottons and denim were from my stash, while the corduroy is from Mom. 
Mom's Viking workhorse sewing machine did wonders on the multiple layers of the straps and the topstitching! It's amazing how fast one can finish a bag when you don't have to worry about skipped stitches :)

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