Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bindings and Pop-Eye

This is my last of three donation baby quilts made with some of my scrap fabrics. My ALYOF December goal is to finish hand-sew the binding to the back. 

I hope to get them mailed in the New Year with some school supplies... kids don't just need school supplies in the fall! As a former teacher, I remember my students always needing new pencils and borrowing paper from their peers (or me!).

 I showed you this Popeye Skater Dress for E in a previous post, but I figured it would be too big for her to try on. Well, it's not! It fits just right over a black turtleneck. Don't mind her zebra leggings... her black ones were in the dirty clothes basket. She gets so excited when I pull down a dress and ask her if she wants to wear it that day. She loves dressing up!

As you can see our Christmas tree is up... E loves naming the different ornaments ("ball" and "star") and jingling the bells. She should be quite entertaining around all the decorations and presents this year!

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  1. the dress adorable on her - good job! Christmas with toddlers is definitely fun. We'll have all 4 grandchildren (all under 4 yrs) here at some point, but not sure when yet. It will be loud and wonderfully crazy.