Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Frozen-Inspired Jumper

I'm a little late to the party, but since E can't even tell this is Frozen-inspired, I don't feel too bad :)

I'm just lucky that she is in a photo-loving phase! She is great about sitting or standing where I ask her to, and I'm learning what can help bring out that true smile of hers (and not her forced-smile-grimmace-thing!).  This is an "itsy-bitsy-spider" smile :)

Of course, she recently learned about the fun of viewing the pictures of the camera, so she came running to see how the pictures were turning out every few photos that I took. I'll take it though, as long as she keeps cooperating!

I used the Joleen A-Line Dress pattern by Viola Lee that I found on Etsy by searching for toddler jumper patterns. There are other patterns that I could have used to get the jumper-feel that I love about Elsa and Anna's toddler dresses, but this one worked (for the most part) with the yardage that I had on hand. I would have loved to do a color-block modification to the pattern, but I settled with just using the second color as the facing. 

The fabric and ribbon is from Pink Chalk Fabrics (they no longer sell fabric). I purchased the goods this fall after I won a gift certificate to their site. The fabric is Andover Chambray (Turquoise and Raspberry) and the ribbon is Sue Spargo Folkloric in Lilac Grey.  

Ok, so she mostly cooperates. I asked her to put down the snowmen (I wanted a picture of the front of the jumper), but she obviously didn't want to do that!

Don't worry, I just asked her how big she was and... here you go, the front! Ha! It's a little big and I wish I would have raised the button holes - the pattern said to place them an inch below the top of the strap, but I think they should be just a little higher. At least she has room to grow in this outfit!

Here's a better picture of the buttons/button holes. I still need to work on my button holes. I use the attachment that came with my machine, but it seems like every time I go to sue my seem ripper to open up the hole, I break a few threads on the side so I have to resort to using some liquid stitch to keep the button hole from unraveling! Frustrating! But, since the jumper is so big, I don't have to unbutton the bad side, and I hope that that helps keep the button hold in tact for awhile. 

(The buttons were from my stash. E and I had a lot of fun playing with the buttons until I found ones that would work).

All in all... I'm happy for a finish! One less project on my list :)


  1. every one of those photos was precious! She is so cute and the jumper turned out great.

  2. So adorable! You are really great about getting E to cooperate, I have never thought to ask how big they are, or any question for that matter, that is terrific!