Wednesday, December 17, 2014

WIPs and One Finish

It's about time that I do an updated WIP (Works in Progress) post!

But first, a finish! This was my quickest batch of burp cloths in recent history! A few days ago I realized that I'd be seeing 3-4 friends who are expecting this coming Spring. Well, their baby quilts are definitely not done yet, so I figured I could at least whip up a few burp cloths for a small Christmas present :) 

Here is a WIP that has been a long time coming. I've had the fabric for ages (Dear Mr. Claus), and I finally figured out what to do with them. The lap quilt has been basted and is currently in the "to-quilt" pile. 

Evelyn was in a cuddly mood after her nap, while I was trying to baste this baby quilt (School Days by Moda). This quilt was recently upgraded from the "to-quilt" pile to the "to-bind" pile. That pile resides out by the TV in hopes that one of these nights, I'll actually get ambitious and do some hand-sewing while I'm watching a Christmas movie (especially since my December goal has not left that pile... I should get going on that!).

She seemed to also like the backing to another baby quilt. I did eventually get her to move so I could baste it! She then got out one of her favorite "toys" at my parents' house... an old trike that I refinished in my 4-H days. It spent many-a year in an outbuilding at my grandmother's farm. Mom talked me into refinishing it for her (stripping paint, lots of steel wool sanding, and spray paint). It now is the throne for my American Girl Kirsten doll :)


So, let's do a list... 
(a list that does not include projects that have fabric pulled but haven't been cut into yet!)

2 baby quilts needing binding
2 baby quilts needing quilting then binding
1 lap quilt needing quilting then binding
2 (or is it 3?!) knit dresses for E that have been cut but need some sewing done(!)
2 baby bags that are in various stages of completion

The best part of having a list like this? 
Knowing that it means that I'm using at least a little of my stash! Little by little!

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  1. the burp cloths are always a gift well appreciated by the new moms. I've been making a lot of them the past few years as my girls and their friends have been having babies.